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MV RIVA BLOG – Day 1 by BRADBURY of Coventry

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    MV RIVA BLOG – Day 1 by BRADBURY of Coventry

    So it’s a week away, our next adventure. My travel agent asks if I am looking forward to our next cruise. Hmm I don’t know I say hesitantly. This is something different, something very different. A cruise, well yes of course but nothing like we have ever done before. So I sit here some seven months after booking, wondering quite what will it be like. Should I be concerned, will I get bored, will I miss not getting glammed up in the evenings? Will I miss the entertainment, the theatre, the bands, the dancing and glitz?

    We are travelling with our good friends who I broached the idea with; and within half an hour they said yes lets do it. Actually it sounds rather glamourous and decadent and it does seem to be appealing to that side of me with visions of me gliding around deck in big sunhats and floaty sundresses. Now the time has come and we are off. A short flight from Luton to Split about 2hr 20mins on Easy Jet sees us landing at around 9.30am in the morning.

    We are greeted by a Representative from the Travel company Riviera. As our ship is not yet ready they take us on a tour to a small village outlet called Stella Croatia where a local family created a sort of farm produce manufacturing facility and shop. They demonstrated how they make a Christmas cake by hand and candied orange, showed us the living quarters from many years back before we were off to the shop to buy and sample the local honey, olive oils, soaps, jams and preserves or to buy candles or hand creams. It certainly passed away a pleasant couple of hours before we were finally transferred to our new home for the next seven nights and this is it.


    I present to you our Yacht MV Riva with just 18 cabins and a maximum of 38 passengers - A brand new Superior Deluxe Yacht. We just have time for a quick spruce up and glance at our cabin before we are ushered straight into the Salon or Dining Room for our lunch on board, whilst our luggage is transferred from the coach to the cabins. A fine array of salad, local meats and cheeses served along with a hot pasta dish. This was a good start. At the moment we are only half of the group as the others are arriving on a later Manchester flight due to arrive at 8pm this evening. It’s the first time I start to take stock of our fellow passengers. This was something that had been a burning question in the back of my head for sometime before our cruise. I am smiling to myself – what will the people be like. So ironic as it’s a question I often get asked about cruising to which I reply – well everyday normal people just like me and you. ‘but are they snooty or posh or upper class’ – this is now the question turned back in on itself to me. I am still pondering this question but am glad we are with our friends whom we have a lot of banter with and bounce back off each other.

    We are quite excited to see our cabin, the lowest priced in the range, below deck. The first thing that hits me is the smell – a good smell - Newness. It reminds me of visiting the caravan and camping shows and going inside brand new caravans that seem to have that distinct smell of everything new. We have three portholes set high up at eye level and we are standing in the sea with the water probably a couple of feet below the porthole. There is strip lighting all the way around the bed frame and the dressing table. We made a good choice with the cabin as it’s the largest having a double bed and a single bed which I thought would be useful to use as a sofa but surprisingly it also had a sofa too, so double bonus as the deck plan was not quite to scale nor accurate in its portrayal. The bathroom is large for a ships cabin with a very decent sized shower and a wooden plinth with a ceramic basin a good sized drawer underneath. Plenty of toiletries and soaps etc. We also had the added bonus of three sets of towels. A huge plasma TV is on the wall at the foot of the bed and we have a small wardrobe – just about enough to hang a weeks clothes but I was thankful that I took a supply of coathangers (well you know me and coathangers)! And then a stack of open shelving behind the second door which also housed the safe. All in all very well laid out with a couple of bedside cupboards and cupboards beneath the bed which opened up to store the suitcases. If I have any criticism there is no mirror by a plug for me to do my hair despite there being a lovely long dressing table and the hairdryer provided was next to useless.




    We now have some freetime to go off and explore Split. I have called here a couple of times before on cruises and do like this place. It’s a busy port with the ferry terminal, bus terminal railway station and cruise port all merging in on one. I do love a good market and this place has plenty of stalls but more so I love the cobbled streets, alleyways and old feel of the town, it has a good vibe to it and we find a nice bar in a square watching the world go by whilst enjoying a beer and glass of wine. We go and meander through the old catacombs before strolling back to our Yacht.

    Our evening meal is served at 8.30pm and it’s a bit of a welcome on board dinner where the Captain introduces himself and his crew – A total of just nine. The Captain, Two crew Deck Hands, The Chef, the Chefs assistant, Three barmen/Waiters and the maid. We have a champagne toast before commencing the meal which consisted of Soup served to the table, a traditional Jam and Mascarpone cheese dish, a main of Chicken in Sauce with Vegetables and lovely black cherry dessert. Its been quite a long day so now we are off to bed.
    Last edited by Bradbury, Coventry; 2nd June 2019, 10:06 AM.

    Wow!!!!!!!!!! Ok that’s me hooked, more please xxx


      Cruising 'out of the box' I like it, Bradbury.

      Bring it on!
      See my cruise blog: HERE


        Wow, this looks amazing, thank you for taking us along Have a wonderful time .................................................. ...Carol


          I sneaked a peek at their website - what stunning little vessel. I note that dinner is not included for every evening so dinner ashore - that mixes it up - in a good way.

          Look forward to hearing more.




            Wow, that looks and sounds very swish and I hope you have an amazing time . I'm looking forward to reading what's coming up next.

            BIG SHIPS, little ships, small world


              How exciting! I cannot wait to read on, it sounds fabulous !


                A very inviting start to the blog- can't wait for the next one!


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