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Fantasy Dinner Companions

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    Originally posted by Calgray, Yorkshire View Post
    All the ones I can think of would DOMINATE the conversation. Would be extremely interesting, but I do like to get a word in edgeways occasionally...

    So, it would have to be my Daughter, son in law and the two grandaughters....Never had the chance to go with our Daughter and SIL.

    But!.... What a fab. experience to dine with some SUPER forum members
    Definitely Calgrey. A great table could be assembled.
    Or even two!


      Originally posted by Mrs M View Post
      Definitely Calgrey. A great table could be assembled.
      Or even two!
      I agree. The best dinner companions are those with whom you have something in common but who also lead interesting lives. In my experience cruisers have diverse and interesting lives and are always a delight to converse with.

      Less than 2 weeks to my next cruise and next set of as yet unknown dinner companions - can't wait.
      Cruising my way through life!



        Here are mine

        Kate Beckinsale
        Charlize Theron
        Carey Mulligan
        Jessica Alba
        Jessica Biel
        Kelly Brook
        Natalie Portman
        Rosamund Pike
        Kiera Knightley
        Lucia Moniz
        Joanna Page

        Well we can all dream, and you did ask for our fantasies


          10 or 12 far too many people round the table,life would get boring.
          With all those people listed each one would want to dominate the conversation,much better to book a 12 night cruise and have each one of your guests do a couple of hours in the threatre.

          of over 100 nights cruising i have only sat with one couple who did not hold me intrigued /inthralled,no I will take pot luck with my didder guests.



            Barack Obama
            Charlie Sheen
            Princess Diana
            Dudley Moore
            Ingrid Bergman
            Morgan Freeman
            Peter Ustinov
            Dirk Bogarde
            David Niven
            I think the dinner would last for hours...


              I've had the joy of dining with several members, so they'd all be on my list....until we can repeat this, I'll go for these 5 couples:
              Desmond Tutu and wife.
              Matthew Paris and partner
              Ian and Victoria Hislop
              Peter and Susan Kay.
              Mike and Zara Tindall


                Arsene Wenger
                Richard Littlejohn
                David Mitchell
                Dusty Springfield
                Julie Walters
                Benjamin Disraeli
                Raymond Blanc
                Michael Schumacher
                Oliver Reed
                Ethel Louisa (my Grandmother)
                Last edited by Clowi, Oxfordshire; 9th June 2012, 10:08 PM. Reason: too many people!


                  Originally posted by Happy, Wolverhampton View Post
                  It would be lovely to share a table with family and friends, enjoying good food (and wine), interesting conversations and all the family together which sadly does not happen very often.
                  I'm with you on this Happy I would love to have my Mum and Dad back and my Son&DIL, Daughter&SIL plus the grandchildren.

                  Hopefully in the spirit of the thread, but a little off centre, 10 "others" I would love to meet on a cruise.

                  John McCrae the WW1 poet (In Flanders Fields)
                  Margaret Thatcher
                  Boris Johnston
                  Harry Redknap
                  Alex Feruson
                  Bobby Moore
                  Martin Johnston
                  Mike Read (Frank Butcher from EE, met him a few times he was a lovely feller)
                  Barbara Windsor
                  Johnny Cash


                    Originally posted by SandieA, Torbay View Post
                    You have a table for 12 - you and your partner will soon be joined by the people you would most like to spend a cruise chatting to over good food and wine.

                    Who would you have join you for stimulating conversation, interesting topics, a sprinkling of humour and fascinating story to tell?

                    You can choose anyboady - living or dead.............go on - put your thinking caps on.

                    My ideal table companions would be:

                    Fred Dibnah
                    Dame Helen Mirren
                    Griff Rhys-Jones
                    Joanna Lumley
                    Isambard Kingdom Brunel
                    Victoria Wood
                    HRH Prince Philip
                    Helen McArthur
                    Charles Darwin
                    and Winston Churchill

                    Sure to be an entertaining evening with that mix
                    I've just realised that I might not be able to get a word in edgewise with my choice.
                    Fred Dibnah and Isambard Kingdom Brunel will be deep in conversation about chimneys, bridges and steam engines. Prince Philip and Winston Churchill will be having words over polotics and the monarchy. Griff Rhys-Jones and Helen McArthur will be off exchanging sailing information and boats and Dame Helen Mirren and Joanna Lumley will be at the Oscars.
                    That leaves Victoria Wood and Charles Darwin discussing the theory of evolution.......the mind boggles - but it would still be entertaining to just sit and listen!
                    Good job it is a fantasy dinner party.


                      Twelve is too many. Just two would suit me, David Niven and Peter Ustinov. I could listen to them all night and I think they might be a little interested in my contribution. Or at least polite enough to pretend. Ive met some of the people mentioned by others, I love football but in my experience football managers only talk about about football. And politicians only about themselves.
                      It seems to me that rudeness is the refuge of the incompetent


                        Originally posted by JVS, Cuddington View Post
                        . Ive met some of the people mentioned by others, I love football but in my experience football managers only talk about about football. And politicians only about themselves.
                        Quite so. Important therefore to have pairings of people, or just people, who could discuss things of interest to you personaly


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