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Fantasy Dinner Companions

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    Fantasy Dinner Companions

    You have a table for 12 - you and your partner will soon be joined by the people you would most like to spend a cruise chatting to over good food and wine.

    Who would you have join you for stimulating conversation, interesting topics, a sprinkling of humour and fascinating story to tell?

    You can choose anyboady - living or dead.............go on - put your thinking caps on.

    My ideal table companions would be:

    Fred Dibnah
    Dame Helen Mirren
    Griff Rhys-Jones
    Joanna Lumley
    Isambard Kingdom Brunel
    Victoria Wood
    HRH Prince Philip
    Helen McArthur
    Charles Darwin
    and Winston Churchill

    Sure to be an entertaining evening with that mix
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    Actually, I think some members of the forum would be my ideal dinner companions.
    We'd have a great deal in common and would have an excellent night.

    ...and that's fantasy... until we can get a short cruise sorted out.


      OK here are my starter for 10 ... or should that be my 10 for starters?

      Alan Whicker
      Michael Palin
      Billy Connelly
      Sir Ernest Shackleton
      Albert Einstein
      Melanie Sykes
      Karen Carpenter
      Sigorney Weaver
      Nicole Kidman
      Jessica Ennis

      I need to have a drink now hehe


        Michael Parkinson
        John Lennon
        Will Smith
        Tony Benn
        Jimmy Tarbuck
        Michael Hestltine
        Peter Sellars
        The Duchess of Cambridge
        My Mother
        My Father

        I'd just sit and listen!


          Originally posted by Alan V., Southampton View Post

          ...I'd just sit and listen!
          I couldn't sit there and listen. A dinner conversation is just that. A conversation.

          Have too many personalities and who will listen to whom?

          Have a group of like minded folk who have diverse lives but share a love of cruising, travel and the odd glass [or three] of wine...Perfect.


            Originally posted by Mrs M View Post
            Actually, I think some members of the forum would be my ideal dinner companions.
            We'd have a great deal in common and would have an excellent night.

            ...and that's fantasy... until we can get a short cruise sorted out.
            I vote for getting the short cruise sorted! Meanwhile, I will try & think of twelve people, other than some of the interesting people on this Forum!
            Lizzie sigpic


              i would have a table for two with mike yarwood !


                Ok then.

                Peter Kay, my husband and nine good friends to share the fun.


                  Frank Sinatra
                  Joanna Lumley
                  Douglas Bader
                  James Martin
                  Michael Parkinson
                  Deborah Meaden (Dragons Den)
                  Keith Floyd
                  Jasper Carrott
                  Jane McDonald
                  Raymond Baxter
                  Freddie Starr
                  Tom Jones


                    Well apart from Forum members here are my ten:

                    Yuri Gagarin
                    Joan Baez
                    Mahatma Ghandi
                    Joan Bakewell
                    Florence Nightingale
                    Charles Dickens
                    Anne Frank
                    Sir Frances Drake
                    Marie Curie
                    Terry Wogan

                    For me, that would be an excellent night, imagine all those experiences through different eras, with so many different perspectives, if only!
                    Lizzie sigpic


                      It would be lovely to share a table with family and friends, enjoying good food (and wine), interesting conversations and all the family together which sadly does not happen very often.
                      Queen Mary 2
                      Queen Victoria
                      Queen Elizabeth


                        Well here goes

                        Joan Bakewell
                        Bob Dillion
                        JF Kennedy
                        Prince Phillip
                        Victoria Wood
                        Jack Nicolson
                        Richard Burton
                        Dean Martin



                          As has already been said, I would like to share a table with some of the forum members, I also love spending time with my family and that would be perfect to, and my fantasy table selection would be: -

                          Stephen Fry
                          Jamie Redknapp
                          Victoria and
                          David Beckham
                          Simon Cowell
                          Cameron Diaz
                          Johnny Depp
                          Whoopie Goldberg
                          Dawn French
                          Robbie Williams

                          May-be there all going on the same cruise as us next year! ................................................Ca rol


                            There are so many people I can think of but here goes:

                            Peter Kay
                            Joanna Lumley
                            Gary Barlow
                            Ruth Langsford
                            Eamonn Holmes
                            HRH Queen Elizabeth II
                            John Lennon
                            Robbie Williams
                            Johnny Depp
                            Marilyn Munroe
                            Dalai Llama
                            Neil Armstrong



                              All the ones I can think of would DOMINATE the conversation. Would be extremely interesting, but I do like to get a word in edgeways occasionally...

                              So, it would have to be my Daughter, son in law and the two grandaughters....Never had the chance to go with our Daughter and SIL.

                              But!.... What a fab. experience to dine with some SUPER forum members
                              Last edited by Calgray, Yorkshire; 8th June 2012, 04:57 PM. Reason: Put conservation instead of conversation !!!
                              sigpic*Carol M*


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