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Any thoughts on table allocation??

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    Congratulations from me too Lynn.

    Nothing to do with Cunard, but on our last cruise (Ventura) we were unable to get our first choice of freedom dining and were allocated second sitting on fixed dining.

    I was allocated to a table of six and my OH was allocated to a totally different table of eight . The maitre'd didn't raise an eyebrow when I told him and merely said he could seat us together on a shared table if we wished

    We like a table for two, so spent the cruise dining in the speciality restaurants.



      Just wanted to send a huge "thank you" to everyone who's sent such lovely good wishes ... I really didn't expect that, and it's so kind of you all

      Thanks so much for all the good advice, too; we'll definitely visit the MDR in the afternoon now, to have a look at our table in advance ...



        On our first cruise we asked for a table for 4 and were seated on our own. Fortunately another couple did not like their dining companions and joined us, and how delightful they were.

        However, it made us think of the risks of being stuck with the wrong people on a table for 4 so we now ask for 6 whether fixed on 'anytime' dining and find it works for us. Tables for 8 are too large and you can get left out if at one end where the others all know each other.

        Unfortunately Hurtigruten allocated us a table for 4 with no choice of table size and we were stuck with a pompous W..sh ex policeman with nowhere to escape because no-one else would swap. The saving grace was a charming Canadian gent to take the bombast out of the other man's sails.

        Fortunately all of our other cruises allow us to choose the table size in advance.


          Any thoughts on table allocation??
          Hi Mitchell, first let me say "enjoy your cruise" it's a great ship and Cunard are normally quite good on table allocation and getting the mix right. If not travelling with our extended family we always request a table for 6 or 8 depending on the length of the cruise, to date we have never been disapointed with any of our fellow dining companions, even with a teenager in tow, several couples\teenagers have kept intouch and we have met up again on other cruises.

          Tuggy passed on excellent tips on best location in the MDR plus Bradbury mentioned if not totally happy the Maitre D ought to be able to sort out a new table.

          I'm sure you will be fine it is all about meeting people along with the adventure, enjoy!
          Lancashire Cunarder


            It's all down to the experience of the maitre'd, on our trips on the QV we have always asked for a table for six and except for once, when for some reason we were put on a table for eight with six very elderly American ladies we have always had a great time. Going on to the theatre together and the Commadore club afterwards. In the case of the ladies, we asked to be moved and the next night found ourselves sitting with two great couples. Trust the staff they rarely get it wrong.
            Last edited by JVS, Cuddington; 10th April 2012, 01:17 PM.
            It seems to me that rudeness is the refuge of the incompetent


              We have learnt by experience that a table for 6 suits us best.

              On a table for 4 you can get stuck with a couple you don't really get on with regardless of the effort you make. On a table for 8 (or more), it often tends to divide into 2, and you can get left out especially if sitting at one end.

              6 for us however works well as you can talk to everyone wherever you are sitting, and it matters less if there is one couple you are less attracted to. You just have to hope that you are not the odd couple out on a table where the others came as a self contained group of 4.

              Oh - forgot tables for 2 - not for us because we like to socialise.


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