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Any thoughts on table allocation??

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    Any thoughts on table allocation??

    Only 13 days to go to our Med cruise on Cunard Queen Victoria - and it's now a celebration, as I've used the end of the tax year to finally retire!!!!!

    We'll be on fixed dining for the first time (late sitting) and we're not sure how they allocate tables? I always thought they peered at you on arrival in the MDR to assess who they could risk putting you with (!!) but then I read that your table number is in the cabin on boarding

    Anyway, we've requested a table for 6 - are we likely to get this, does anyone think? Also, do they lump nationalities together, or is there any chance of us being on a table of Americans, who we especially love being among?

    We're a bit nervous about trying this for the first time, to be honest; we thoroughly enjoy meeting people and are very lucky that we've always got on like a house on fire with our tablemates so far. We do hope we've done the right thing, though .... any thoughts would be very welcome


    Congratulations on your retirement, Lynn! Well done, lucky you! I'm not sure how tables are allocated but the 6/8 table seems to be the most common on the cruises I've been on so you probably have a good chance. Someone with more knowledge will be along soon, just wanted to wish you well on your retirement.


      Oh, thanks very much indeed, Toongirl - that's so kind of you!! At 56 in a few days I'm a bit young to be packing it in, I suppose, but there are other things in life apart from work, and I'm looking forward to doing lots of them



        The Maitre D will have worked on his table plan assignments for a couple of days before your cruise. They have a good knack of putting people together of similar ages and nationalities but it is a bit pot luck as to whether or not you gel together. The simple thing is if you start to feel uncomfortable with them you simply have a quiet word with the Maitre D and ask to be moved.

        On the embarkation day I always make a point of going into the dining room and checking out my table to see where it is and how many seats. Lots of people do this and the Maitre D will be on hand at a set time in the afternoon to assist with any requests.


          If you can try to get a table on deck 2 right at the back overlooking the stern the sea views from there on sailaways are awesome sometimes, Be careful of tables on the port side as that is where the entrance to the kitchens are & those that are to close to the entrance might as well eat dinner on a motorway as waiters are coming & going all the time, So its deck 2 stern or a Starboard side table is the place to be, Tables for 6 & 8 are plentiful its tables for 2 that are scarce, It is a couple of years that i was last on her & they used to have the Maitre D at the entrance to the restaurant on deck 2 at 14.00 to 15.00 so that you could see the location of your table & you could also change it for another if you so wished, Have a Lovely cruise & enjoy the ship.


            Lynn congratulations on your early retirement. wish it was me, you are the same age as me.

            you will be assigned your table prior to embarkation. as others have said go to the MDR when you board, find your table, if it is not where your would like to sit or if is too large/small, find the maitre'd and ask to be moved to a more suitable table. he/she will do everything is their power to accommodate you.

            have a great cruise and a long, happy and healthy retirement.
            don't want to work, just want to cruise.


              Hi Lynn,

              Congratulations on your retirement.
              I've often wondered how they do the tables, we've always had what we asked for and always been sat with people we get on with.
              We really like 2nd sitting it gives you plenty of time to get ready after a shore excursion and you don't have to rush when you have finished your meal. You can also sit and people watch to see what is being worn on the first sitting at dinner.
              Have a fantastic time.............................................. ........................................Carol


                Hi Lynn, Have a long and happy retirement. Good for you to retire a little earlier as life is too short, so enjoy it while you are still young. I am the same age as you but only work part time, so have every afternoon to myself.


                  Hi Lynn, I do like the Queen Victoria; we were on a table of 8 and we had great fun. Have a wonderful cruise and a very happy retirement! Best regards, Val


                    Hello Lynn - I hope you enjoy your retirement and your cruise on Queen Victoria. We have always been allocated a table for six as requested. I agree with other comments to visit the restaurant from 2.00pm onwards to view your table - if you are not happy then ask to be moved - in January we were not completely happy with the position of our table and asked if there was any chance of moving - we were then allocated a window table - if you don't ask you don't get and having a table by the window made dining an even more enjoyable experience. Happy retirement and happy cruising.
                    Queen Mary 2
                    Queen Victoria
                    Queen Elizabeth


                      Hi Lynn,

                      A cruise is a great way to start retirement, enjoy!

                      Just a small comment, I think you have worked for many years, though not as many as me perhaps (46) before I retired! Straight through, no children!

                      So, if you find retirement 'strange' at first, as I did, persevere! It's worth it!
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                        No desire to retire at the moment. I enjoy life just as it is...but congratulations and enjoy my favourite ship.


                          If you find retirement 'strange' at first, as I did, persevere! It's worth it!

                          Thanks, Lizzie, I'll do my best!! Mind you, I worked from home running my recruitment company, so it's not as if I have to get used to "not going to the office" any more - it does seem odd now I'm not constantly answering ringing phones, though



                            hi Lynn congrats on your retirement.have not travelled wit cunard,but I think that the Queen Vic is the same layout as the Arcadia.
                            i have done five cruises on the Arcadia and on the first one I did an inspection of the MDR top and bottom and made a note of all the tables that were situated by a window and sat 6..
                            When I booked my subsquent cruises I would give them a list of table numbers that i would prefer,P&O have never failed me,so it is always worth doing a little reccie. On my first Arcadia cruise we were given a table right next to a serving station and it was like the M1,so thats when i said"never again"



                              Congrats on your retirement, I did it a few years before you and it's the best decision I ever made.

                              One of the better things about QV was our window table for 6. However, I don't think the maitre d' put any thought into the compostion of our table at all; 5 males to one felmale is not, IMO, a thoughtful combination or balance. We got on very well, nevertheless.


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