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Verandah Restaurant Queen Victoria

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    Verandah Restaurant Queen Victoria

    Having just cruised on Queen Victoria Nov/Dec 2016 and seen the new Verandah restaurant menu and increased evening meal price it appeared to me that there were fewer passengers visiting this establishment. The staff mention a 7 course menu but this doesn't show on the menu. Maybe their tasters and tea/coffee are included?

    Would welcome the view of other cruisers as to experiences recently. Thank you and Happy Cruising in 2017 wherever you may sail to.

    Have dined there previously and enjoyed the menu options and value for money.

    I've dined in the Verandah on QV and QE, lunch and evening. I was QV in November and shocked to see how much the "small surcharge"had increased to dine in the evening. $47 is a lot which is why they could be quiet. The $20 surcharge at lunch time is acceptable for an occasional change.
    The first time we ate at the Verandah was about three years ago on QE and we had the full works in the evening, starting with amuse bouche, olive tapenade, starter, cleanse palate sorbet, main, dessert, petit fours and coffee. We thought it was tremendous value and experience for about $30.
    We ate at the Verandah on the QV in the evening but had less courses, no amuse bouche, no sorbet. At the time I was vegetarian and the choice was limited but I was reasonably happy. The last 2 years I have become vegan due to a dairy allergy. We take complimentary lunch in the Verandah as being diamond members. For the last 3 visits, my requirements have been discussed with the Maitre'd and chef at time of booking on board. I don't have much choice as they have to keep within the menu guidelines as much as possible but I've been happy eating there and I would be happy to pay $20 surcharge for another visit. For me, I would not pay $47 at night for what limited choice I would get as a vegan. Omnivores have plenty of choice, but it's a lot of money to pay on top of what is already top class food in the MDR. However on my visit in January I heard a group of people enjoying their complimentary lunch visit, they booked a table for four in the evening as well.
    In January I enjoyed the white bean soup, caramelised onion tart and poached strawberries. My OH had quail, venison, cheese and biscuits.


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