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How many entrees do you order?

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    Originally posted by lucy, sutton View Post

    I would say overeating for prolonged periods is not good for anyone. The more weight you carry the more strain on your health.
    I don't disagree about health. I was taking about the concept of 'waste' on a ship.

    Originally posted by Wilba View Post
    The food is sitting there plated under a heat lamp whether anyone orders it or not..............Wilba

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      Originally posted by Jocap, Cumbria View Post
      Interesting- I thought that "entrée" was a starter in Europe, and main in North America?
      Yet we all seem to be talking about starters and main courses on here...does the wording confuse any of you when you're on an American ship? Because I would have automatically read entrée as a starter- which I did when I read the title of this.
      Yes, I have a starter, and a main, but probably not a pudding!
      Most of my cruising experience has been on American cruise lines.



        Some people are just greedy or like to show off.I was on a cruise and was put with a party of Americans at dinner. I could not believe what one guy ordered. 3 starters,2 main courses followed by 3 desserts.When I looked in amazement he said to me "are you British" Yes I replied.Ah he said you British cannot eat like us Americans.Sadly he could not stop going on about how well he could eat and how much.Somehow I felt a challenge coming on as this guy was so sure of himself. I ordered 3 starters,2 mains 5 desserts followed by cheese and biscuits.
        He stopped after the first dessert..I ate everything and washed it down with a good pint of John Smiths.Could not resist saying to him "it seems that we Brits can eat as well as you and more
        Needless to say he or his party did not appear at my table again


          I just have 1 starter, 1 main,and 1 dessert, try to eat healthy food and sensible portions.Coming up to 79 years of age and still working and enjoying life.Try to grow as much veg as possible at home .No nasty chemicals in my home or my food.


            With the move to anytime dining food is often plated to order so does not hang around as long as it might have with fixed.

            Using menu as a list of ingredients can assist getting your food plated to order.


              I usually have two starters but never the soup, I also like a salad with my main meal unless iim having a vegetarian meal , I don't have dessert very often.


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