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Cruises go down the tube

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    Cruises go down the tube


    The Norwegian Breakaway deal is very good for a brand new ship, with flights, rail and overnight stays in NY and Boston! I assume that this must be the 7-Night Bermuda Round-trip New York (just one port of call, 2 nights/3 days at Bermuda).

    I'd go if I did not have to work for a living!

    (I assume cruise.dot have a good deal too, for the singles in the studio-cabins?)
    See my cruise blog: HERE


      Hi Malcolm, the dates for the Boston offer match up to the transatlantic sailing.

      So from my calculations the itinerary would look like this - Southampton > New York > 2 night NYC > train to Boston > 2 nights Boston > Fly home

      Hope this helps, can't help with the work thing though


        Its for the transatlantic. also look a bit over priced.

        Cruise is £465 and flight back is £225 so thats £600pp for 4 nights and a train.

        £100pppn will get a good hotel in NY and Boston, train is $50 or $107 for the faster train add $40/$80 for better class.

        Cheapest solo rate is for an inside, the studios are currently overpriced.

        The cruise fares will drop on this trip and flight will be easy to get so best to wait on this one.
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