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NCL Encore 2 Nov 2019 SOU->NYC 9n from £499

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    NCL Encore 2 Nov 2019 SOU->NYC 9n from £499

    The 2019 transatlantic discount season is starting as they go to final payments

    First up.

    NCL Encore inaugural cruise TA Southampton to NY.(was an 11n to Miami but changed)

    There were some price drops(0-£210) today as the $100 OBC promo finished this is no a decent priced cruise.

    Lead in GTY rates
    £499 inside
    £539 OV
    £679 Balcony
    MORE for the mini suite, spa and HAVEN etc.

    SOLOs can pick a studio £719 or solo inside £799
    (These cruises are popular with solos and have active roll calls so an easy solo cruise)

    No need for a map every one knows where both ends are and no ports

    Add the Free at sea promo for £99pp (even with GTY).
    This adds the premium beverage package and 4 speciality meals.
    The food options on these ships is great(we did the Escape).

    Add prepaid grats for £103pp

    TOTAL AI all in from £702pp

    I did look at cruise addons but nothing really works from NY as this gets in on a Mon
    (There is no QM2 cruise back till the 8th Dec )

    Note. Disembark is Nov 11 2019 Veterans Day Parade, so the city will be busy

    I did see some flights back from NY in Nov <£150pp(with bag)
    if you want to go for it and your agent can't find cheap flights I can try.

    This trip won't sail full but currently at around 50%, there are plenty of cabins which means there may be some more drops if this does not get bookings up..
    USA prices were around the same but a few grades were better through US before this UK price drop
    (Did not check EU prices).

    Minisuite gty £709 today.


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