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A New Cruise destination!

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    A New Cruise destination!

    It's not often that this happens, that a new port of call crops up that I haven't seen before but it happened to me today.
    I was looking for a cruise for someone who wanted to do the Caribbean again but was sick of the same old ports of call. It was then that we found this deal with Princess Cruises....

    04th Jun 2011 - For 9 nights aboard the Caribbean Princess.
    Including London flights

    Inside cabins
    Outside cabins
    Balcony Cabins

    And the Itinerary?

    Sat 04th Jun - New York
    Tues 07th Jun - Grand Turk
    Wed 08th Jun - San Juan
    Thu 09th Jun - St Thomas
    And Drum roll please.........
    Sat 11th Jun The Royal Navy dockyard in Bermuda - watch out for that triangle!
    Back into New York on the 13th Jun

    Think it's part of King's Wharf where Oceania cruises dock too. Looks very interesting with the Maritime Museum, a rum cake factory and lots of art & crafts stuff as well as a beach.


      James, I don't know that port either. If in doubt, wiki....

      Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
      See my cruise blog: HERE


        Is that where they get rid of the unruly passengers.... on a 'Special Excursion'....

        SOunds interesting though...


          We docked there a few years ago when doing a Southern crossing on the old Caronia.
          The naval dockyard is next to the old prison about a 20 minute water bus/taxi ride from Hamilton. The bus service takes nearly an hour.
          The crystal caves are worth a visit as well as the Dickensian Perot post office in Hamilton.

          Cheers OSD
          Our cruising days are over now.................


            Bermuda is not a new port for cruise ships with many staying over for 3 days or more.But is by far one of the best ports to visit in the world.Kings Wharf is a short and inexpensive boat ride to Hamilton the capital.Impeccable buildings and a main street in the British theme.Not to mention upmarket shops bars and cafes which are competitive on prices.A regular local bus service runs from the dock into town for a couple of pounds.

            NCL operate regular cruises to Bermuda with layovers for 3 days...sheer paradise.


              Sounds very much like Kings Wharf in Bermuda. We have stopped there twice on TA's. One of my favourite ports of call.
              A beautiful island.

              Taken from the Jewel of the Seas 2006

              Taken from the Costa Magica 2007

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                Thinking...! where to go this summer for holidays.
                Help me......


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