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NCL MED 2021 some SOLO rates from £215 4n £522 11n

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  • Topdeck, London
    started a topic NCL MED 2021 some SOLO rates from £215 4n £522 11n

    NCL MED 2021 some SOLO rates from £215 4n £522 11n

    As part of my what's my next cruise I have been analysing NCL options in the Med as they have Epic Getaway and Jade.
    Jade is heading off to the middle east then SA, the other 2 are doing TA, waiting for the go ahead from the US to even consider them.

    Generally cautious about booking with the uncertainty over cases numbers and the risk places could lock us out again.

    Anyway there are some solo rates.

    24/10/2021 7 £431
    27/10/2021 4 £215
    31/10/2021 11 £522
    11/11/2021 9 £516
    20/11/2021 15 £798 (TA)

    24/10/2021 7 £462
    31/10/2021 7 £378
    07/11/2021 7 £614

    ON top are
    free at sea which is everything offer drinks, dining, wifi, shorex credits

    Eg the total for EPIC 11/11/2021 9n Athens to Rome with free at sea and grats inside GTY SOLO is £722 ~£80pd

    Jade is from Athens the Epic varies.

    First look at flights options they seem OK plenty of cheap options till you add the bag.
    Also seeing some fairly decent hotel prices to give some wiggle room for travel

    NCL flight prices look expensive but no idea how flexible they can be if you call, eg BA LHR are much cheaper even if you account NCL include transfers.

    Seeing some TA packages on these with flight hotel but suspect you can DIY better options for less as they use budget airlines a lot..
    might be worth pitching to the TA to see if they will ATOL it.

    here is the CD search.

  • Topdeck, London
    doing some digging around
    At least one agent(viva) is offering £50pp off those rates on 7n or more.

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