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The Biggest Ever River Cruise Cabin Sale is On

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    The Biggest Ever River Cruise Cabin Sale is On

    Katie Walsh

    Product Executive

    I booked a supposedly luxury river cruise which was far from luxurious and was far from what we had been led to believe we had booked. The agent at cruise.co has not had the decency to to give me an explanation as to why he told us we would be sailing on the best river cruise company and on a ship which would be the equivalent of Silversea ocean cruises. He did eventually reply to my complaint but passed it on the the river cruise company. My complaint was not with the cruise company but the mis-selling of the cruise by cruise.co. The customer service from the agent has been dreadful, which is as shame as we have always had good service in the past.


      I have just noticed that you are the product executive so maybe you could deal with my complaint.


        Hi there,
        I'm really sorry to hear that you're unhappy!
        Please can you send some more information regarding this to my email address: jasminep@cruise.co.uk

        Thank you


          Thank you, will do.


            It will be interesting to see if the decent thing is done. I must admit it is the first time that I have heard an issue with a Cruise Dot consultant.




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