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The Definitive Guide to the River Danube

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    The Definitive Guide to the River Danube

    We would have been highly delighted if we had a cabin half as good as those shown in the photos on the Danube cruise we have just returned from. That id what we were expecting, not the cabin we had with just 2 filthy portholes to see out of and one chair to share. It was not at all spacious or luxurious like those shown in the photos. We could barely pass each other to get to the portholes to peer out at the water inches away from our faces. It was like being in a dungeon when the ship moored next to another ship as the side was tight up to our cabin, making it pitch black. Not for us the restaurant with nicely spaced tables. They were so tightly packed the waiters struggled to reach us to serve the luke warm food. Certainly no swimming pool, just a very plain sun deck with no bar service. I could go on about the failings of our Danube cruise but I have already started a thread. Your post is just rubbing salt in the wounds with the beautiful photos!


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