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Dubai 5* HB Sept 2020 £76pn

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    Dubai 5* HB Sept 2020 £76pn

    While waiting for my short list cruises to drop in price I have started looking at alternatives and opportunities to extend stays

    Saw an article that regular holiday bookings are down and business class flights are at economy prices on some routes.
    Then stumbled on this HUKD find.


    I suspect now is the time to start looking at addons for any cruises booked to extend stays.

    Can full package or just package flights(most cruise lines allow you pick your own dates for just the flight) and go refundable on hotels

    If that hotel is not upto your standards you can get deals on a better one.



      Maybe prudent to steer clear of Dubai for the foreseeable future?

      Dubai has strong trading links with Iran and Iran has a significant number of coronavirus cases. Iran is a less wealthy country with perhaps not the money or will to keep up with the latest measures to control the situation. Dubai is also a major crossroads with many peoples from poorer countries from all over, with perhaps less stringent public health facilities, travelling through.

      Also who knows when the next Gulf crisis will arise and missiles start flying over again.


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