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CD eblast mini(1-5) cruises from £41pppn

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    CD eblast mini(1-5) cruises from £41pppn


    A useful summary of the line up for 2020

    Cheapest is MSC Preziosa 4n £164pp free Balcony upgrade

    21 Oct 2020

    need to add flight back from hamburg(Oct these are often under £50 direct to UK airports LON,MAN EDI)
    there is a 7n back to southampton but over £600pp
    As the cabins sell there may be a 3n option back to Southampton added at some point.

    CD search engine can't find it
    MSC cruises from southampton Oct 2020

    Have seen this at £135pp for inside bella(cruise 1st)

    The cruise after is a 21 night to Brazil at very decent prices <£1k cruise only.
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    Morning TD
    I'd already posted this on your previous Preziosa cruise price post.
    I believe there is no 3 night return planned as Preziosa is going to Norway after this cruise.


      This one is 21 Oct 2020, cruise after is 25th Oct 2020 the TA to Brazil.

      Last edited by Topdeck, London; 22nd August 2019, 08:02 AM.


        Originally posted by Topdeck, London View Post
        This one is Oct 2020, cruise after is the TA to Brazil.
        What are the exact dates for the 4 nighter? None of your links provide the answer.


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