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Seabourn Guarantees - what are they?

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    Seabourn Guarantees - what are they?

    Its a deal, it's a steal, it's the sale of the century!
    (ok maybe not, but its still a fantastic deal)

    Guarantees - the magic word that you should all look out for when talking to your travel agent.

    What this means is that the cruiseline is trying to fill the ship, so will oversell a catagory at very reduced fares.

    Overselling doesnt mean that you might not get on, it means that the cruiseline may have 10 cabins available at different grades, but sells them all at one grade then upgrades those who booked into the various grades all still at the lower price!

    You will never go lower than the gauranteed grade, but are very likely to get a higher grade.

    example - book a balcony guarantee (at a fantastic price) you will not get an inside or outside, but you will get at least a balcony or better.

    Luxury Cruiselines very rarely promote Guarantees or Lower fares, as these could undervalue there brands - Who cares? We just want a deal!

    Seabourn has delivered!!!

    A six star all inclusive cruiseline with deals like these are unheard of, so book quick.

    Call me and i'm sure i can get you even more discounts
    0800 408 6119

    Any Questions Feel free to post below or give me a shout on 0800 408 6119


    Tel: 0800 408 6097

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