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Viking Sky 8n 3 Jan 2020 £1,640pp

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    Viking Sky 8n 3 Jan 2020 £1,640pp

    Given the recent publicity I have given Viking a look and a few are at the £200pppd price point.

    As well as a few transatlantic this one popped up at £205pppd

    Not totally on top of what you get with Viking but seems as standard this should include

    Spacious 270sqft inc balcony) cabin

    drinks with meals.
    no restaurant supplement
    4 tours

    Viking have gone up in my estimation with the way they have handled the recent drama.

    I think that seems like a reasonable deal and I would like to try the line but would be wary of the B of B in January..Carol


      The Transatlantic are also around £200pppd and as Viking UK pricing should include flights a good value way to test out a line for the onboard experience.
      need to look at USA and EU pricing to see how that compares if you can get cruise only prices.

      Also not sure on the drinks costs outside meals,
      if anything like Azamara when it was meals only they included buffet and pool grill opening hours so most of the day was covered.


        Indeed a good opportunity to try, i only really drink red wine, the daily pour was good enough for me and you would never leave a dining venue with an empty glass, the final lunch glass becomes a pre dinner drink or just go and get one.

        If you fancy sitting in either the Explorer lounge or Atrium/living room where they have live music wine was $6.00 per glass, reasonable pour and a decent selection.

        We were never charged for a glass of wine when going into the early show (3 times on typical cruise) in the theatre.

        Anything else, happy to answer



          We found the Viking Silver Drinks Package to be excellent value if you want to upgrade. I was initially doubtful that the included tours -mostly 4 hours in length would be any good but they were. The paid for tours were also a very reasonable price and well organised.


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