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NCL Escape 3 May 12n Rome-SOU £552

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    NCL Escape 3 May 12n Rome-SOU £552

    There are loads of NCL cruise in Europe that are at OK prices some with good SOLO rates and I suspect there will be some drops.

    I will highlight this one as it is one of those that has good Solo rates and is one of NCL newer ships that is very good.

    These are the base UK rates usual TA are doing packages with hotels and flight(s) and depending on what extra you may want the US prices need checking.

    The current sale may change soon and that could change prices

    GTY inside/OV/balcony

    2pax pp

    £150 free at see(pax 1&2 drinks and 5 diners, there are wifi and shorex options )
    £139pp grats
    you can also swap one of the free at sea to get the 3/4 pax for £0 (pay taxes and grats £276)

    12 night SOLO with drinks 5 diners and grats £840

    pick a cabin rates were only around £20 more for the basic grade at each level.
    2pax can book solo and get a balcony opposite an inside to cut the cost and pick different/no free at sea if one don't drink

    Rome to Southampton 12 night 9 ports


    the cruise before is the 15n TA from £597

    Cruise after a 14n Baltic from £746
    no map

    Just repriced this in the US, you can now get wifi and shorex credits and $100OBC under £800solo.

    Still a bit risky starting in Rome but one to watch


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