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Costa Diadema 13/14 March 2020 21/22/23n Abu/Dubai Rome/Savona SOLO £539

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  • Costa Diadema 13/14 March 2020 21/22/23n Abu/Dubai Rome/Savona SOLO £539

    Great SOLO and 2pax prices

    OK it will be a bit more as there is a flight and €10pppd) to add onto that.

    Starting with the cruise options
    Start in Abu Dhabi(13th March) or Dubai(14th March) and end in Rome(4th April) or Savona(5th April.)

    Price vary a bit so you need to work through the 4 options to get the best match for you.
    the lead in prices on Costa site are
    date.........2pax solo
    13th 22n £559 £559
    13th 23n £583 £875
    14th 21n £535 £535
    14th 22n £629 £629

    Those are for inside GTY Last minute rates , while checking I did notice that if you add a package the Solo rates don't always stay as low as the 2pax rate.

    if interested worth having a look at the options as you can go basic, classic, premium, samsara and they a add perks and better cabin locations.

    Looking at the 21n option. you go from £535 up to £1,819 for a Samasra balcony for 2pax but the Cheap solo only seems to apply to the base price.
    (you can buy the packages all in cabin to have can be cheaper to take the better cabin)

    Plenty of agents can help package these with flight and hotels and I have seen some very cheap(£200) flight option but not great routing.

    Seen packages with hotel night flights and transfers around £1k

    Forget trying to search on CruiseDot for these, the search cannot find Costa cruises.

  • annie, Glasgow
    Thanks for posting TD. Suez Canal repos generally have good rates but for me it is a case of been there, done that.


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