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Marella Dream 11/18 Dec 2019 Eastern Med 7n £420

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    Marella Dream 11/18 Dec 2019 Eastern Med 7n £420

    Don't fancy the Xmas market option on CMV or P&O(or get your cruise cancelled) here are a couple of deals on Marella out of Cyprus.
    Similar itinerary Turkey,Greece and Ashdod (for Jerusalem and Bethlehem), Israel

    Both 7nights
    11 Dec from £429 OV+
    18 Dec from £449 OV+

    As usual Marella Dream is AI with flights and transfers included

    I nearly missed these as I use London airports in searches

    Availability and pricing varies(a lot) by airport seems to be better for the 11th.

    While searching(direct on a TUI site)the 18th popped up at £390pp(OV) but that soon sold(Probably a cancellation)

    CD search will find them but the prices are way off what they should be, also what looks like the old itinerary for the 18th.

    I have been closely monitoring this cruise on the 18th for a few weeks, and prices have varied quite noticeably between early morning and afternoon.

    Cheapest I noted was £380 for outside plus cabin (shower and bath) out of EMA.

    £449 out of BHX

    Almost took the plunge but the weather not looking that great late December in that part of the world and most ports in the DTD (done to death) category................Wilba


      They found an inside for the 11th.£347pp


        Reports have been heavy rain last cruise not sure about current one(11th)
        18th-25th it's looking good 17c-21c* sunny/cloud take that over 9c-13c.

        Limassol, Antalya, Rhodes, Kusadasi, Jerusalem * Israel stop a little cooler

        Still cabins with flights East Midlands and Birmingham.


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