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MSC Bellisima 4 March Southampton 8/9/10n from £699/£819 inc drinks.

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    MSC Bellisima 4 March Southampton 8/9/10n from £699/£819 inc drinks.

    Not sure what the launch prices were but MSC now have these inaugural voyages at ehat I think are decent price with premium drinks package on Fantastica Experience.

    Three option from Southampton with lead in prices and cheapest with drinks(premium which I think is £36pppd so significant discount over the new high prices for that..
    £699/£819 8n Barcelona
    £799/£919 9n Marseille (OV £1039 is cheapest with the package)
    £799/£919 10n Genoa


    The usual agents will be packaging this with flight hotels etc.
    eg with 2 night in BCN and flight inside Fantastica £800pp(but that's CN that does not include bags)

    CD links a good selection of option here but only BCn for the 4th.

    There are very limited(2) YIN cabins(same price as Aurea balcony) around £170-£200pppn with UK pricing(less status discounts) a bit cheaper(£140pppn) through the US.

    UPDATE: (I think these are new)

    £379 5 night to Lisbon.
    £229 3 night from Lisbon to BCN.
    (cheaper than the 8 night but no package option)


      CN have a package for the 5n to Lisbon with overnight and flight, £399.


        Going to bump this as there is still ONE YC cabin available on the 9n to Marseilles.

        UK price is £1619pp £180pppn
        US price is $1835pp $204pppn todays rate £1,428/£159
        US TA are discounting this a bit and if the black discount is still active target is $1,600/$178 £1245/£139

        Flight back on BA(with bag) to LHR €71
        parking T5 £50
        NE coach to Southampton from £12pp


          Worth another bump as there have been some price drops.

          Packages for the 8 night to BCN from £549


            Southampton 5 night with 3n in Lisbon flights £399 OV Bella

            the 10n to Genoa with 2n stay and flights £669


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