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Does The Northern Lights Tickle Your Fancy?

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    Apparently, Tromso is at around the best latitude for viewing the Northern Lights, but I've seen some very good photos of the Aurora recently that were taken in Scotland and Northern England.
    We are taking the scientists predictions seriously and are off for 12 days Aurora hunting with Hurtigruten- in less than 8 weeks time.


      Been to Norwegian Fiords ( and Iceland) a couple of times but only at the summer times of the year ( sunbathing at Honnesvag above the Arctic circle was weird) .
      Definitely have Hurtigruten / Aurora viewing on my wish list .I presume we are still in an Aurora maximum his year - How late in the year can you see it?
      Does the rice quoted include flights - if so from where to where? Is this just an up to Honnesvag or an up and down the coast cruise back to Bergen?
      Is this for this year or 2015?


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