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I'm a cruiser get me there

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    I'm a cruiser get me there

    So for the last few weeks if you are like me you have been watching 'I'm a Celebrity get me out of here', based in the Australian outback. That is an expedition, not that I want to do the bush tucker trails but I'd love to see the scenery, especially some of the waterfall and gorges that you see from the helicopter shots.

    So how about this, take an Orion Expedition Cruise with their strap line of 'A Path less travelled'.

    Launched in 2004, Orion Expedition Cruises has become the leading expedition cruise operator in Asia Pacific. In May 2011 they add a second ship to the fleet, Orion II which doubles capacity. They will soon have 2 small ships of about 100 guest capacity which give five star service, and being small can get into those far out places.

    So how about this for a itinerary:-
    Day 1 Darwin, Northern Territory
    Day 2 Jaco Island
    Day 3 At sea
    Day 4 Wyndham (for Bungle Bungles)
    Day 5 King George River and Falls
    Day 6 Vansittart Bay
    Day 7 Hunter River (for Mitchell Falls)
    Day 8 Montgomery Reef
    Raft Point
    Day 9 Talbot Bay/Horizontal Waterfalls
    Day 10 Cape Leveque
    Day 11 Broome, Western Australia

    On most of the days some excursions are included, taking you to the Mitchell Falls for example on a Zodiac.

    Now that would be a trip to remember!
    Stuart Carlson, Cruise Specialist

    Contact me Tel: 0800 408 6105
    Email stuartc@cruise.co.uk

    Read my blog and see what my customers say at www.sailwithstuart.blogspot.com

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