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Fred Olsen price watch 2021.

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    Fred Olsen price watch 2021.

    Reported recently that Fred reduced a lot of price recently

    here is a CD link.

    a summary from a easy to use search engine as Fred site tends to be tedious.

    Most if not all are saver fares also international so need testing

    these are the decent rates will add if more if they get reduced.
    if you see any just add a post or if really special give it a thread of its own

    Borealis Liverpool

    £581 11n 26/09/2021
    £629 11n 07/10/2021
    £872 15n 18/10/2021
    £873 14n 02/11/2021

    Bollette Dover

    £679 14n 21/9/2021
    £630 13n 05/10/2021
    £872 15n 18/10/2021
    £388 5n 02/11/2021

    Should probably have a new thread for 2022 seeing some sensible prices.

    stand out early Jan is

    18th Jan 2022 12 nights Sails from Southampton Bolette T2201A

    From £599 (TA discount on this)

    SOLO £899


    left over this year
    they say call for tomorrow out of Southampton, might be a deal...

    14 canaries
    £799 6 Dec Southampton
    £899 7 Dec Liverpool


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