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Cruise rumour - Getaway fares

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    I completely agree, Andy. We weren't able to avoid being told by so many of their sensational bargains on our very recent cruise and we certainly felt in the minority having booked early and paid Vantage. The feeling of being ripped off was made worse by their tales of being even further upgraded after booking. Needless to say, we were not offered any upgrade from our inside cabin even though we had registered for an automatic upgrade. Something is very wrong.
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      Originally posted by Malcolm, Essex View Post
      I've said it before, but I find the 'Getaway' and 'Vantage' fare fiasco very confusing.

      Confusing customers is not good as they might just book with a cruise line that they can understand the fare structure of.
      The getaway fare have been around for ages.

      What was new is the Vantage fares that came with the hollow price promise that as predicted would not materialize.
      (not sure exactly what cahges were made to getaway at that time, were they always GTY full payment no changes?)

      The recent tweeks to the getaways are to try and differentiate by reducing the value of the getway to justify the lower cost.

      If anythng it is clearer than most other lines that have the specials for new bookings only in the small print.

      Across the board the dynamic pricing brings uncertainty sometimes on a daily basis at certain times.
      The endless changes in minor offers, obc, once a week deal of the days, free flights,parking and specials for existing pax, I still have never got my head round all the RCI offers.

      I think this helps the likes of MSC that have much simpler pricing structures much of the time here is the current one.

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        Just posted on Cunard Facebook page
        Hi Howard, thank you for your post. Following customer feedback, we have reviewed our policy and singles will be able to book Getaway Fares for cruises departing after 1 September. Best wishes.
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        (Thanks James spot on rumour)
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          Originally posted by ROSEBASKETS, Yorkshire View Post
          Too late! Lost me as a customer, I'm going elsewhere from now on!
          I'm with you Rosebaskets. I felt so disappointed by the P&O Vantage/Getaway fares structure. That I have booked with Fred Olsen for 2014, and incidently with Jo at Cruisedot. Sorry James.



            Not long back from the Canary islands on Ventura . Got to say great service once again from P&O on board. However that cant be said for price P&O Vantage/Getaway fares structure, fact is P&O have mislead customers into thinking you are getting something special on Vantage which other than getting your exact cabin and a few small extras like parking / coach travel are wide of the mark one of which for instance was that getaway where unable to book freedom dinning which was completely wrong as I sat next to a number of getaway people in the dinning room ! Also at a lost of how they P&O keep balconies cabins free for Getaway customers as these should go to vantage customers as upgrades who even on the inside cabins have paid two thirds more ! Got to say will not book vantage again feel a bit of a mug , ship was packed and I'm sure half of those people where on getaway fares !


              I so agree with you, Andy as we felt exactly the same. I am just hoping that P&O have taken note of how much upset this has caused this year and rectify it for next year.

              I firmly believe that the chance of an upgrade should go to Vantage customers first and then put the remaining cabins out for Getaway.


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