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Hello All from Paula

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    Hello All from Paula

    Hi all
    I have been with cruise.co.uk since August and have to say, what a fabulous bunch of people and I love what I do and have great fun with passengers

    You can see learn more about me and see what they think about me www.paulacruises.co.uk
    I have a daughter Kimberley who lives near Southampton so lots of chances to catch up with her - not a student anymore but has decided to stay there, as you will find out, it was nothing I did she just loves it there

    I have an alsatian/collie cross Cassie, who lived in France with me and has more stamps on her passport than a lot of people I know! Slowing down now, she must be at least 14 and has travelled with me all over Europe.


    I have sailed with RCI, P&O, NCL, Celebrity and Seabourn (more champagne madam - don't mind if I do!)

    I look forward to speaking to you x
    Any questions and to book, please call me on 0800 408 6154 or E-mail Paulah@cruise.co.uk

    See more about me and my adventures at www.paulacruises.co.uk

    and see how much fun I have with my passengers

    Hello Paula and a belated welcome to a great team.
    Queen Mary 2
    Queen Victoria
    Queen Elizabeth


      Lovely to meet you Paula look forward to hearing more from you.



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