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NCL Canaries Cruise Deal 1 day only

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    NCL Canaries Cruise Deal 1 day only

    Well I have received no less than 6 emails today detailing a special offer on NCL Canaries - November I think.

    I am surprised that Cruise.co.uk would appear not to have listed it.

    It is of no interest to me but thought I would post.


    Hi Annie

    The one day flash sale from Norweian Cruise line which has been offered to you by other agents is in fact no better than the current promotion we are currently running and we have been running this over the last week and will end for us on the 12th April!

    We are offering the same £50 per person discount on studios and inside cabins, with a £100 per person discount on balconies and mini suites. Unlike other companies we are running the one day sale for two weeks!

    For example on the 14th October the Epic fares start from just £485 per person!

    If you would like any upto date pricing on any of the Norwegian Cruise line sailings please do not hesitate to give me a call on
    0800 408 6164



      Thanks David - NCL is of zero interest to me. I just posted for information only.



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