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    Testing testing 123
    Cruise.co.uk Developer | Programmer | System Administrator

    Cruise.co.uk Developer | Programmer | System Administrator


      Passed ABC
      Any one wants to plays bridge and is on any of the cruises listed below please send me a private message

      cruises 2012
      Eclipse 12/05
      Queen Victoria 24/03
      Eclipse 12/05
      Oceania Riveria 13/08
      Eclipse 29/09
      Queen Victoria 20/12

      2013 Cruises booked
      Eclipse 11/05
      Eclipse 06/07
      Eclipse 31/08
      Eclipse 20/10


        My wife who is disabled & users a wheelchair & I took a Mini Cruise on P&Os Ventura fully aware that it is a family ship & that it more than likely would attract the Booze cruise crowd.


        I drove down to Southampton & had booked Valet Parking with C.P.S on arrival at the Port I was directed to the parking area which was not the usual one for the Ocean Terminal,
        1st I was sent to the wrong place for disabled parking only on getting out of the car & enquiring about the right place was, I given directions to the right area, This area was next to the perimeter fence I was nearer to the main road than the cruise terminal

        Thankfully I only had 1 case which I carried to the to the drop of point which was over ½ a mile away, Then i had to walk back get the wife out of the car & into her wheelchair, Then wheel her up to the terminal so I have had to walk a mile & a half & had not even checked in yet.
        So much for the Valet Parking where they are supposed to park your car for you on Mini cruises you pay for Valet parking but all you get is a long walk.


        Entered the terminal & into the lift to the 1st floor & was meet by the assisted boarding team they took my wife & I straight to the book in desk for Disabled passengers booked in & told that cabins would be ready at 14.00 & that the assisted boarding man would have to take us to the Waterside buffet, Onto the ship & into the buffet, I was on-board at 11.45 & within 10 minutes of arriving at the check in to me that’s good.

        Problem 1

        In a wheelchair you can only get access to a table at the bottom or the top of the buffet seating area there are lots of smaller access points on the side but all of them are to narrow for a wheelchair.

        Problem 2

        People that had already got their meal had placed the trays on the floor now when you are walking that’s not an issue but when you are in a wheelchair it is.

        Buffet food

        To say that the food was bad would be giving that meaning a good name, A beef curry with no curry in it, Roast beef & Yorkshire pudding & no gravy & cold mashed potatoes, & veg that was still half frozen, Swordfish that was absolutely full of bones & fries that where so overcooked that they could have been used as nails & 3 selection of deserts’ & fruit, Tea & Coffee you had to go back through the buffet to get them as the one closes to my area was not working & workmen where trying to get it working as people where wanting there lunch,

        Problem 3

        As people were not allowed into their cabins they had to take their hand luggage & pushchairs into the buffet with them this meant that very quickly the buffet was clogged up with luggage on the floor & tables & pushchairs in the aisles, At 12.45 I had had enough of this chaos & took my wife & hand luggage outside & parked her undercover by the bar of the Terrace Bar then I went & did a Recce of the way to my cabin which was D304 Deck 9 this was quite straight down to the amidships stack of lifts & my cabin was the 1st one port side .


        The cabin I had chosen was a D.E Adapted cabin there I meet my steward Harvard who was from Goa & spoke very good English I then asked what time my cabin would be ready for me to use & the reply was right now if I want as he had finished all his cabins so I asked how many cabins he had to look after the reply was 16

        On entering the cabin there is no electric opening door which can be a problem for some users on the right a large turning /parking a mirror then a bank of wardrobes a fridge with nothing in it then into the 2nd living area which had 2, 15inch T.V s A kettle & all the makings for hot drinks then the Balcony with a ramp with a gap filler, on the double sized balcony was 2 reclining chairs with foot stool but no table.

        Then with your back to the balcony door you have a small table & 1 upright chair & on the right a large sofa that converts to a bed above that in the ceiling was a single Pullman bed. Then back to the bedroom a large Queen sized bed & 2 bedside cabinets with lights on top plenty of room for a wheelchair on both sides.

        Then the Wet room with a door but then again no electric door the door would not close securely as the fitting was broken so to stop it swinging freely I put a cushion in the door jam. All in all a good cabin that with a little bit of proper planning could have been a excellent cabin.

        Back to collect the wife from the Terrace bar turns out I had placed her in a smoking area which she did no mind as she says that smokers are more sociable on the way to the lift I saw another smoking area by the outside pool side starboard into the lift which is quite small 2 wheelchairs & its full
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          Having fallen foul to the various methods and techniques on offer to post photos, I know just how much precious internet time can be consumed onboard performing this little act/fiasco.

          Sooooooooooo! I will be using this coming week to practice on the site using any old photos using the various methods and hopefully picking up further advice from those in the know.

          Once I am satisfied I've cracked it I will then simply delete the posts.

          Worth considering for those of you who have never attempted this act of wizzardry..........Wilba


            That's a great idea, I didn't know there was a testing thread and I am sure there are others like me, that have never posted a pic for fear of it going wrong and not really knowing how to.



              Just a random picture ?
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                Originally posted by Val, Wolverhampton
                I can't open it, sorry.
                me to sorry all me own fault..Taffy just deleting it


                  Originally posted by Taffy, Wales View Post
                  me to sorry all me own fault..Taffy just deleting it
                  deleted my post too. Let me know when you have it sussed, going to try myself again.


                    test pic QM2


                      ooooooh I am pleased with myself


                        test pic

                        10903599893_3e4ce4b39e_b.jpgtest pic valley of fire


                          I am unsure if the photo above enlarges when you click on it, I would be grateful if someone would test it please.

                          Heck, I am so excited and I am not even going


                            Atlantis Hotel, Paradise Island

                            Testing on an IPad.....


                            Yes Val, your pic did enlarge, have to do the same with mine.


                              Thanks all at sea, lovely pic yours too and enlarges fine


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