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When is the newest posts coming back?

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    Originally posted by carol, welwyn garden city View Post

    I think it's getting there, I'm not getting the error message now, although it still says working, I wonder if that will be staying> .................................................. ......................Carol
    I wonder why I am still getting the error message. I get it on my laptop and my phone.


      Originally posted by ilovesunshine, east yorks View Post

      I wonder why I am still getting the error message. I get it on my laptop and my phone.
      The error message and the working button are two of the major things which need to be fixed, but appear to be the most difficulty, in order to do so they have got to take the system down again, on Amar's thread he has posted time scales of the nights this will happen, without looking it up I think it was over a period of 4 nights between 11 pm and 3 am.

      in the mean time we have to bear with it and use the work round.

      this is a copy of what Amar wrote

      Hi all,

      I've just had a chat with the developers and they need to take the forum offline to make certain changes so we can resolve the issues that have been raised. As a result of this, the forum will be down at the following times:

      Friday 14th September 11pm-3am
      Saturday 15th September 11pm-3am
      Sunday 16th September 11pm-3am
      Monday 17th September 11pm-3am

      This shouldn't cause many users any problems as these times have been chosen so you can access the forum during the day. Taking the forum down at these times should allow the developers to fix the main issues that have been raised so everyone can use the forum smoothly.
      Last edited by Delboy, Essex; 16th September 2018, 09:43 AM.

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        I am still finding my way around the new forum but much better now the new posts are easy to find. I am sure it will be good when I get used to all the changes.


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