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Wonderful Alaska on the Disney Wonder
Disney Cruises / Disney Wonder / Alaska
By Walsh, Chesterfield on 12th Jun 2019
This was our second cruise but our first time on the Disney Wonder.
She is a beautiful ship. Even though she’s classed as mid size there is plenty to do onboard with so much variety of activities on offer. You are given a navigator everyday w ...
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Magical Disney Fantasy
Disney Cruises / Fantasy / Caribbean
By Hunter, Basingstoke on 5th Feb 2019
We have cruised twice as a family onboard the Disney Fantasy. My husband, me and 2 boys who were 7 and 9 the first time then 9 and 12 the second time. From the moment they introduce you by calling out the family name as you board the ship to the far ...
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Tranquility at sea
Disney Cruises / Disney Magic / Mexico
By Horgan, Fremantle on 4th Feb 2019
Endless blue waters, as far as the eye can see. Im floating in luxury on a sea of tranquility. Plenty to do, so much to see, but Ive not a care in the world, sitting on my balcony. As youd expect from Disney, the entertainment takes you to another ...
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Disney Cruise 2018 worth every penny!
Disney Cruises / Disney Magic / Norwegian Fjords
By Reynolds, Cardiff on 24th Sep 2018
Although the priciest cruise I have ever been on with my mom and 6 year old twins Disney cruise was well worth it. Not so much for the character photo opportunities or the theatre shows which were all very good but the fact was it was a holiday for e ...
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Disney Magic UK Cruise Sept.2018
Disney Cruises / Disney Magic / British Isles
By DAVIES, LYMM on 10th Sep 2018
Embarkation was from Dover Cruise Port,a first for us.We had arranged outside parking with the Port of Dover(undercover parking was available for an additional charge)We arrived slightly early ,about 15mins.,before our allocated check in time,and wer ...
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Best Cruise Ever
Disney Cruises / Disney Wonder / North America
By Chipra, Coventry on 2nd Sep 2018
My friends went on the cruise and they said the staff are kind, it is very entertaining and you will never get bored and so I went there myself and had the best holiday ever! I can't wait to go again! The children were extremely happy with the Disney ...
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Disney Cruise Line ...not just for kids
Disney Cruises / Disney Magic / Bahamas
By Nash, Ashford on 30th Dec 2017
Disney is a word that either creates a massive amount of excitement in kids and grown ups alike, or complete dread and fear. Its a bit like marmite, you either love it, or you just dont try it, because you think you will hate it... I fall in the the ...
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