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Exotic Voyage To Far East.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Mary 2 / Far East

on 18th Apr 2019, by

It had been a few years since my last trip on the QM2, and there had been a number of changes on board including creation of new single cabins on two lower decks. One set of cabins had reduced the...

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Heaven On Earth.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Victoria / Mediterranean

on 17th Apr 2019, by

My husband had booked a cruise for my 50th Needless to say I was overwhelmed. I had wanted a cruise since I was 15. My dad had booked one for the family when I was a teenager. It would have...

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Singapore To Dubai Queen Mary 2.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Mary 2 / World Cruise

on 3rd Apr 2019, by

The itinerary on this cruise appealed and lived up to our expectations. Each of the destinations were interesting and offered something different to do. A highlight for both of us were the two...

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Spring Mediterranean Sunshine.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Elizabeth / Mediterranean

on 1st Apr 2019, by

Having booked a suite on QE we were told that we had been upgraded to one of the mega suites at the stern of the ship where the balcony is literally half the width of the vessel. The suite...

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First Cruise.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Mary 2 / Transatlantic

on 30th Mar 2019, by

After three nights in New York City, early Dec 2018, I embarked the Queen Mary 2 for the journey back to Southampton. As it was my first time on a cruise ship I was a little daunted but also...

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Poor Food.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Mary 2 / Transatlantic

on 27th Mar 2019, by

This cruise was part of the celebration of my wifes 70th birthday, but unfortunately there wasnt much to enjoy on board. The food in the Queens Grill restaurant was way below what we expected or...

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Sensational Stimulating Sailing.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Mary 2 / Caribbean

on 8th Mar 2019, by

Ive been on many cruises but the best ever was the Caribbean cruise for 23 nights, just bliss. There was plenty to do from gym classes and talks to bridge and bingo. The food was exceptional and...

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Lost Experience.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Victoria / Europe

on 5th Mar 2019, by

What an experience of a lifetime we never had. Sailed to Amsterdam, first stop, from Southampton. We had booked previously with them to take a coach tour of Amsterdam to see the sights. On...

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World Voyage Splendour.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Elizabeth / World Cruise

on 5th Mar 2019, by

It was to be the trip of a lifetime, it did not fail....Cunard Queens are refined cruising with excellent food, outstanding entertainment and unrivalled enrichment. I made the most of the...

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Amazing Experience.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Mary 2 / Far East

on 4th Mar 2019, by

We recently returned from a 21 night leg of the Queen Mary World cruise, embarking in Dubai and disembarking in Hong Kong. We have cruised several times with Thomson, P&O and Holland and America...

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Cruising On The Qm2.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Mary 2 / Far East

on 26th Feb 2019, by

This year I became a cruiser and with the help of Emily from I suddenly found myself booked on a cruise from Singapore to Hong Kong before my daughters managed to wrestle my credit...

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Incredible Cruise.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Victoria / Adriatic

on 26th Feb 2019, by

We had an amazing Mediterranean and Adriatic cruise on board Cunard Queen Victoria last year from Southampton. The food, service and entertainment was second to none and we loved the visiting...

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Cunard Drips In Elegance And Style.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Elizabeth / Canaries

on 23rd Feb 2019, by

The best way to spend Christmas is on a cruise which weve been lucky to enjoy many times. This time Cunard was our choice after sailing with them before. Yes its a different style of cruising but...

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Sailing To Cape Town.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Elizabeth / Africa

on 5th Feb 2019, by

Queen Elizabeth 2 Part of the World Cruise Disembarked in Cape Town We travelled on the 03rd January 2019 on the first leg of her World Cruise to Cape Town, South Africa. We arrived at the Port...

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Transatlantic Crossing Aboard The Queen Victoria.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Victoria / Transatlantic

on 4th Feb 2019, by

Me and my friend have just returned from an unforgettable transatlantic holiday onboard the Queen Victoria! The conditions at sea were lovely..the ship remained fairly still the whole way and the...

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Great Weather Made Our Cruise This Christmas.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Victoria / Canaries

on 30th Jan 2019, by

First time away for Christmas and New Year. We left Southampton on 23rd December on the Queen Victoria, a quick check in and on board smoothly. We had a balcony cabin and the extra space and light...

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My Fair Ladies!

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Elizabeth / Africa

on 28th Jan 2019, by

ON the face of it not a lot seemed to have changed on the Queen Elizabeth since we last sailed on her seven years agoand vowed never to do so again after the ships truly unforgettable inaugural...

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Christmas On Queen Elizabeth.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Elizabeth / Canaries

on 27th Jan 2019, by

Boarding at the City Terminal, Southampton was quick and hassle free. No queues and most polite check-in staff. Also gone is what used to be the obligatory boarding photograph. It was nice to be...

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Canaries Cruise.

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Victoria / Canaries

on 21st Jan 2019, by

My wife and I went on the Queen Victoria for a 10 day cruise to the Canaries, This was the first time we have been on a Cunard cruise. We had booked a Balcony on the 11th Deck , the cabin was...

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Where Do You Hang Your Long Dresses ?

CUNARD CRUISES / Queen Victoria / Canaries

on 20th Jan 2019, by

On a recent voyage on Queen Victoria we booked a new corner suite on the stern, a beautiful looking suite but nowhere in it to hang long dresses without reducing the already limited hanging space...

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