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The River Cruise Line
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MS Serenity
River Danube

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September 2015

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Mostly on the boat (Hotel for first three days )
Aphrodite (Girl Group)
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Vienna and Bratislava
Mary Jane (Waitress)
Very poor communication meant we were ticked off a list at heathrow (airport and hotel were changed without warning or explanation) Although adjoining seats had been requested on at least three occasions were we not even on the same side or row on the plane. On arrival at Budapest there was no rep just a driver who spoke no english. We waited nearly an hour for two passengers who were not even on the plane as it had been overbooked. When we got to the hotel it was a shambles no information or rep. We had been told we were bed and breakfast but when we tried to book a table for dinner we discovered dinner was include but as we were not told this most people had sought dinner elsewhere at their own expense.Other facilities at the hotel such as tea and coffee making facilities were only provided when requested and this was only discovered by other guests telling us they could be obtained. We had booked and paid for an excursion the next morning but there was no one to ask for details, we had a phone call next morning 5 minutes before the tour departed luckily we were ready. N.B. reheated veg and meat were served for breakfast and there was no seating plan for the dining room it was a complete free for all. When we finally met a rep next morning he was rude and did not introduce himself, when asked a question he said he was too busy with other people to talk to us. He did not explain or facilitate our stay he was only interested in himself. Leaving the hotel and joining the ship was equally chaotic and all he did was shout. The boat was very pleasant and the cabins were a good size and well designed. The staff on the boat with the exception of Anthony were pleasant and professional. Food and catering/serving staff were all great. Excursions were a little disappointing, they needed to be better explained before purchased and therefore although booked we declined some of them as their content was not appropriate. N B considering the average age of clients more consideration of physical limitations needs to be made. Entertainment was OK Aphrodite was particularly good. As the boat staff dealt with dis-embarcation it was completed very very well except when Anthony intervened. Because of his influence and lack of professionalism or even ability to do his job, i would not book with River Cruise Line again.
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