Beware who you book your cruise with.

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The River Cruise Line
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MS Serenity
River Danube

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July 2016

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We booked a cruise in January for a sailing in July so we did not consider it a late booking. Our initial enquiry was to and we were given a name and contact details of our Cruise Concierge. After the initial booking we were not able to speak to her again When our booking confirmation arrived it was from Cruise118.con. When I telephoned to query someting the phone was answered by 6star cruises. We were surprised to be asked for the full balance 20 weeks before sailing and promised our tickets 2 weeks before departure. I began to get worried when the tickets did not arrive. On telephoning I was told to allow 10days before departure. Ten days came and went, I chased them again to be told there was an Admin problem. Eventually they arrived 3 days before our holiday. We went to book in online only to find that they had not included baggage. After another phone call I was assured the booking had been amended but they still asked for payment at the airport. Flight was fine with only a slight delay and we were pleasently surprised to receive a meal on the plane only to be dissapointed to find there was no one to meet us as stated at the other end. All the other Holiday Companies met there guest. The airport customer service desk was unhelpful. I could not raise anyone on the telephone. A Holiday Rep from another company said a couple on an earlier flight had had the same problem and had to get themselves a taxi. Just then after we had been there about an hour a Rivercruise line rep turned up. When we asked where he had been he said the other guests were on the Heathrow flight and they did not arrive for a further hour. We found that because we had not booked through the Rivercruise line we were treated as second class citizens. Any queries we had throughout the 2 weeks we were told they could not help as we had not booked directly through them. There were 6 of us on the cruise who had not booked through them , 2 others had the same problems as us, baggage to pay for and not met at the airport. Interestingly they sat all 6 of us together on the same table. Thank goodness we had wonderful weather throughout the cruise.
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