Royal Clipper - Barbados to Barbados 14 day cruise

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Star Clippers
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Royal Clipper

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March 2016
Been on this ship twice now. First time the crew nearly out numbered the passengers. If you want a cruise where the entertainment is laid on for you, this is not a cruise for you. There have been kids on the clipper but they are the exception. Socialising was around the tropical bar. It is not a cruise where you have to dress up. If you want a cruise where you can get up for the sunrise and watch the sun come up over the sails. Lie on the bow nets and watch dolphins swim or climb the mast. Be able to get off when you want when the tenders are running. Go into small ports or bays and go snorkelling on a beach or takeover the local beach bar. Every time you leave port they raise the sails to music. Cabins vary. Best cabins are with the balcony (small) , nice seating area. 24 hr service. The owners cabin (most expensive) is roomy but has no balcony . It does differ what is offered for sports. First time we could do subaqua but second time not an option. What is good you are given basic snorkelling equipment on the first day, so you can snorkel as much as you wish. There is a newsletter for each day issued in 3 languages so you can plan the following day. Swimming pools are small, one of them you can see from the dining room. Tropical bar staff are brilliant. You make life long friends on these cruises, a large proportion are repeat customers. Usually there is a pirates night ( fancy dress) , so be prepared as we were trying to find our costume while on the cruise. Repeaters come prepared. One day they do lunch on the beach. First time was Antigua. Wind was in wrong direction, they couldnt get the tenders down, so we had to use the emergency life boats instead. There is no captains table, it just happens one night. Tables are not reserved, so people can sit where they want. As we formed a large group we tried to ensure we go there soon after dinner started. There is only one sitting in the evening.
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