6 Star Silversea disaster cruise

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Silver Spirit

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January, 2022
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Family holiday

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The 2 excellent pianists on board.
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Mayan remains
All members of the deck staff
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Enough to satisfy our needs
Excellent suites fulfilling ever need
This 6 Star luxury cruise was chaotic from start to finish. There were only 2 lateral flow testing stations at embarkation for over 350 passengers which added to the length of time it took for registration left many passengers feeling very annoyed at the length of waiting. Then, it soon became obvious that there were problems and suspicions grew that the ship had sailed knowing full well that there was a Covid outbreak onboard. Subsequently, 4 out of the 8 restaurants had to be closed so that the remaining staff could be re-assigned and it was obvious that many of these were being asked to do jobs outside their comfort zone. The reason given was that around 10% of the crew were in isolation. There was generally a lack of communication and only towards the end of the cruise were we told that there would be a 50% refund and then, shortly after, a further note informed everyone that the next cruise (following on from this one) was cancelled. No information about refunds/compensation offers for those affected. Evidently, Head Office in Miami would be contacting all those affected. So, at very short notice, we had to rearrange flights back home, cancel hotels and taxis and leave the ship. They didn't even get that right. To avoid having a lengthy wait at the airport we managed to join a tour of the Everglades or so we thought. A whole pile of us duly exited the ship and waited and waited. Over an hour later, no bus. It had "gone to the wrong terminal" or so we were told and thus we had no alternative but to spend over 8 hours at Miami airport. 
The staff tried their best but this was not what we would have expected from a 6 Star operator. The ship is really amazing and we enjoyed excellent food, good weather, good service on deck and it was a wonderful escape from the British weather.

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