The decline of Seabourn.

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Seabourn Encore

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January 2018
Family holiday

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All venues, the Colonade used to be our favourite, but now there is no favourite.
Guest entertainers were all very good, the Seabourn singers and dancers were dire.
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We never do ship excursions, far overpriced, a taxi for the day is far better and far more informative.
Obviously some of the staff were brilliant, but generally they were pretty unprofessional and poorly trained.
Onboard Activities:
Pretty mundane.
The cabins on the Encore are much narrower than the Odyssey class, difficult to pass at the end of the bed and impossible to have the bathroom door open with the cabin door. Dark dismal wood finish throughout the ship.
The Encore from Auckland to Sydney was our 8th cruise with Seabourn, and the first time we have not left a future cruise deposit on board. The reasons are not hard to understand, Seabourn has over the last few years, as the result of drastic cost cutting, failed to deliver the premium class cruise experience that its premium cost fares deserve. The service has gone from excellent to often slapdash, the cuisine has gone from excellent to, to be quite frank, tasteless, mediocre, and boring. The best thing they could do is get rid of Thomas Keller, he may be a popular American chef, but his influence has been dire, but then I suppose the last place you would expect a great culinary experience is in the USA. The introduction of the tablet between the waiter, the customer, the kitchen, and the server just does not work, confusion reigns and personal service has been lost, you feel like holding your hand up for attention as in a classroom, none of the restaurant staff look at diners or their needs, it's heads down find the plated meals, refer to tablet, serve, many times at the wrong place on the table. The food at the Colonade is worst, I remember the times when huge joints of beef, pork, turkeys were a daily presentation, now it's belly pork, chicken, or nothing, once the bowl of natural yogurt is gone, that's it, no more, just supermarket plastic cartons. If the dish of prosciutto goes it is not replaced. The presentation is first class, sadly the dining experience is anything but. You can only wait so many times for 20 minutes for a couple of soft boiled eggs, it's best to go up to the counter order, and wait for them yourself. The standard of the Seabourn singers and dancers is probably now the worst at sea, however the guest entertainers were very good. To be frank Seabourn cannot match the cruising experience now provided by Crystal, Oceania Marina and Riviera, or even Azamara. The demise is very sad.
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