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Royal Caribbean Cruises
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Voyager of the Seas

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November 2002
Family holiday

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Ice skating performance
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Dunn’s river falls
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This was our first cruise and our first time outside Europe. The ship was amazing, the crew were very friendly and accommodating, the food was abundant and delicious and the entertainment on board was of very high standard. It was like being on broadway or London, they were that professional, they even had an ice skating rink on board! My husband has since passed away, unfortunately, I am so grateful that I have these memories added to all our others, it was a very wonderful holiday on board a luxury vessel. The excursions at the various ports we visited were very exotic and I treasure the memories and artifacts, souvenirs(!), we brought back with us. Our son was eight years old at the time and he was very well looked after, and entertained, by the young people assigned to look after the youngsters onboard, they did an excellent job and kept Erik happily entertained while his daddy and I relaxed in each others company. It also gave him the chance to meet new people and make friends with lots of children from other parts of the world. I think a cruise is a wonderful way to spend quality time with the people you love. There are no worries with trudging along with luggage from place to place, you get to visit a number of countries while staying put in your lovely cabin all the time! You are at sea! What could be better than sailing the ocean in a beautiful ship equipped with all you could ever need or want? I think everybody should have the opportunity to try it and I think once you try it you will be hooked, even if you might have had reservations beforehand. It is truly a wonderful experience and one I would very much like to repeat one of these days.
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