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Royal Caribbean Cruises
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Oasis of the Seas

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October 2017
Family holiday

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Fish, in Windjammer
Them all!!!
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We did our own thing at each stop, but the choice offered by the ship where great if a little expensive.
The bar staff at the English pub on the Promenade looked after my Dad so well as he is less mobile, he felt like "Royalty "
Onboard Activities:
Do as much or as little as you want, the choice is available and yours!
Interior rooms are just as good as any of the cabin choices, we had a balcony on our first cruise which was our honeymoon, abdbonly used it twice!! So interior are perfect, you only sleep in them or get showered and changed in them as there is so much available to do.
Hi all, Just want say coming from N.Ireland where connecting flights are required even for Southport sails, having been on 4 Royal Caribbean cruises so far and loving everyone of them, that I would recommend them! Having cruised their biggest ships with all that is available on them, my husband and I just love the fact if you are ever bored, hungry or thirsty, you have no one to blame but yourself unfortunately. Even the cruise we took my recently widowerd Father on who is 80 years of age, enjoyed every bit of it. He even did the ZIP LINE!!! And the deal we received for him as a lone traveller over 75 was brilliant. The single supplement was not enforced upon him. The choice of food is amazing and 24hrs if you want it! However as we cruised again each year, we saw that people weren't waisting as much food as we witnessed on our first cruise. The variety is outstanding and the standard impeccable. The speciality restaurants too are fantastic and with a bit of research we saved on the "Speciality Dinning Package" with an eat in a speciality restaurant on the first night and have a second night free in another restaurant of your choice. Then checking the menus and prices of the other restaurants on board, it worked out that our choices and final total was cheaper than the package price. So my advice is ' Do your homework!' As every penny you save allows you to enjoy next years cruise!! As for entertainment, oh boy!!! Westend theatre shows that usually sell out before you can get to see them in London, on board and included in your overall price!! The other activities on board allowing you to be doing something every minute of every day or just relax by a pool, read a book and watch the world sail by, is totally up to you!!! So in our opinion well worth a look at for your next holiday, even including the kids. There is so much on board available for them to do, and with crew members dedicated to the kids needs, the parents can also enjoy a few hours 'quiet time' in the adults only area knowing your little ones are being well catered for. So not just a retired couples holiday that most associate with cruising, but a family fun filled holiday that is so worth a try! We personally now prefer a cruise holiday to a package one, even when we go all inclusive to a resort. Happy Sailing folks!!!
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