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Ruby Perkins's blog

Does everybody want an All Inc...

By Ruby Perkins

As most things in life I believe everything comes and goes in fads. Eleven years ago when I first started selling cruises, I can’t remember an All Inclusive drinks package on board a ship ever really existing. Nowadays it’s becoming harder to find a ship that does not offer this wonderful option!!!!Am I a fan of All Inclusive cruises and drinks packages? I’m happy to say not for me. After queuing for nearly an hour in May to get served at the bar on Royal Caribbean we ended ...

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2018-07-17 22:57:40.000

P&O to go All Inclusive.P&O Cr...

By Tom Harding

Tom Harding's blog

P&O Cruises have always said that they would not do drinks packages, and to be honest I have always thought it would have to be expensive for them to do it to make it worthwhile, if it was too cheap then youd end up perhaps having people cruising for the wrong reasons.Well P&O has announced that they are trialling a new drinks package for a month on board the Azura from the 21st July and it has had quite a bit of a mixed response.It is currently only on the Azura as a trial and they w...

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2018-07-18 21:01:59.000

My cruise and stay holiday

By Ruth Gale

Ruth Gale's blog

As you read this I will be cruising on MSC Musica for my family holiday.I couldn’t decide what to do this year as we obviously love cruising but my kids also love an all inclusive hotel we have been to a few times over the last few yearsI looked into both options and the cruise was by far the better dealI booked when there was a free drinks package which is a huge saving for usWe like a few drinks on holiday and my kids drinks lots of mocktails on holiday which can be just as expensive ...

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2018-07-17 12:45:40.000