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Royal Caribbean Cruises
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Independence of the Seas

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January 2011
Annual/regular holiday

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All fantastic meals i loved seafood the best
All fantastic
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Enjoyed all as never been to all these countries
All staff fantastic
Onboard Activities:
Lovely cabin with a balcony
We went on royal carribean of the seas on their med cruise the ship is fantastic we were lucky that a rock band were playing so we listened nearly every night for 18 days plus unlimited icecreams on the top deck went to the pics some night went ashore at every port eat so much that put on 7lbs had a balcony had a fantastic time as my first cruise 4 of us went and had all sorts of drinks we sat on our balconies sunbathing we had our shorts on in all the different countries while all the locals where wearing thick coats and cold and we were lovely and warm in their winter weather you can see who the nutty english are you had to take your own life crossing roads in some countries as some of the local drivers are formala 1 drivers were saving up for another cruise to somewhere nice we would love too go with royal carribean again as ships and crews fantastic we had a lovely balcony and a lovely cabin we had breakfast brought to our room a couple of times as felt posh we went to lots of foreign countries and met lots of different people and have lots of photos from different places the ship had so many bars and restaurants and entertainment and lots of space to go walking my best bit was eating unlimited icecream as love icecream we went to lots of shows and so many eating and places we went to bed in the early hours as so much going on had a go at kareoke and made a fool of myself but didnt worry as on holiday and everyday a different shaped towel would pop up in your room the best thing you could do whatever you wanted for your dinning meals
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