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Royal Caribbean Cruises
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Freedom of the Seas

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August 2017
Family holiday

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The food was excellent and consumed in either the restaurants or on the deck quick food counters. I consumed various types of food and drink from the different food counters.
In all my time cruising I don't think there were any acts I could say were not enjoyable, but one of my best acts was that of the comedian Tom O'Conner.
Shore Excursions:
My best excursions were swimming with the Dolphins which I think was in Malta and being slid down the mountain road which I think was in Lisbon.
The Head waiters and Maitrade they were brilliant when it came to looking after us regarding service and food chose
Onboard Activities:
I Felt there was more than enough activities available to choose from.
The cabin was plentiful for our requirements
The past 10 years I have travelled on various cruise ships to various locations all of which I have been exhilarating and refreshing. I have traveled to various continents and countries learning about new cultures and their history which I found to be of assistance during my personal, social and business career/life. The cruise ships that I have sailed on have been excellent in their sailings when circumventing the various oceans/seas with minimal upset to passengers or staff especially taking in to account some of the weather conditions we encountered. The staff at all grades/levels from the cleaners up to the captain were always helpful and friendly and nothing was to much trouble for them, the food was excellent and catered for everyone's requirements irrespective of culture, religion, taste or dietary needs. I found the days and the time were yours to do with or use has you pleased not like that where an holiday is booked at some kind of holiday resort, camp site, hotel or centre where on a day to day basis you have to either prepare or arrange your own food/meals, organise or book your own travel arrangements, arrange or book your own entertainment etc. Depending on the ships itinerary and what ports it will be docking at would depend on what excursions you could book such as swimming with the dolphins, visiting the wine fields, attending the local areas of history like the museums, theaters and places of interest. If you did not want to go on the ships excursions you could either stay on the ship and enjoy the entertainment they prepared or just go ashore and do your own thing but what ever you decide it is at your own leisure. I found the food to be of an excellent choice which catered for people of various cultures, religions, dietary and allergy needs and requirements that was available at any time during the cruise from start to finish at no additional cost to the cost of the cruise. The consumption of food and the amount was at your discretion in other words there were no limitations again it was your choice.
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