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February 2019

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Waiters and waitresses were excellent; senior crew members aloof and unhelpful
If you're thinking on going on a cruise on the Pullmantur Zenith, THINK AGAIN! I have just returned from a cruise to the Canaries, Madeira and Morocco, and it was a total nightmare. First of all, the check-in to the ship on Gran Canaria. Although my friend and I had done our check-in online, we were made to join a lengthy queue on the dockside. We enquired whether, having already checked in, we needed to be in the long line of people checking in and were assured that we had to be in the line. Half an hour later, having moved very little, we enquired again, this time with a different person and were then re-directed to a shorter queue of people who had, indeed, checked in online. There were six check-in desks, one of which remained unmanned throughout our lengthy wait, despite the fact five "supervisors" were milling around keeping an eye on the process but doing absolutely nothing. Did it not occur to just one of them to fill the unoccupied desk and speed up the process a little? Apparently not. When we eventually got onboard and headed to the buffet a bit peckish after our lengthy time in the check-in queues we found all the food was cold; and I mean , not lukewarm, but COLD. This set the pattern for the entire cruise. The food was never hot, or even warm, neither in the buffet nor the main dining room. One morning at breakfast, just as I was about to put a fried egg on my plate, a new batch arrived and I thought I had hit the jackpot and decided to treat myself to two. Sadly they, too, were stone cold...straight from the kitchen and stone cold! No complaints about the ship itself or the waiters and waitresses, who were always pleasant and polite. I'm afraid, though, the same could not be said of the senior crew members who, confronted with a complaint or a query, were officious and ALWAYS right. Despite having proof of the status of my booking, I was forced to settle for a lower level. At the end of the cruise, I couldn't wait to get home to some hot food and nothing could persuade me to go on another one with Pullmantur.
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