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  • Anderson, Hamilton - Commented on this review

    Regarding the numbers of elderly passengers, wait till you try the Aurora..................

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  • Hamiltonn, Redcar - Commented on this review

    Or Fred Olsen's,Balmoral average age at least 74 .Plus me and the wife !!

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    • MOORE, Brecon Commented on a comment by Hamiltonn (25 Mar 18 17:46)

      Too true. When we went we halved the average age -and we're both OAP's.

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    • Hazlie, Airdrie Commented on a comment by Hamiltonn (27 Mar 18 21:05)

      Cunard-with wheelchairs and oxygen bottles!!

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      • Hughes, Moulton Seas End, Spalding Commented on a comment by Hazlie (11 Jul 18 10:30)

        As a wheelchair user, I find Hazlie's comments offence, due to my chronic health conditions, I am not allowed to fly so I have two choices, stay at home or go on a cruise. Why should we not be allowed to go on a cruise the same as you! we pay the same money and receive the same services!! By the sound of it, you are able-bodied, congratulations for being the social norm!!!. There are a few of us, who did not full within this criteria and need such things as wheelchairs and oxygen bottles to enable us to enjoy life to the full, dependent on our own conditions and have the luxury to visit new places and get some sun. We are intelligent human beings, who need the simulation that everyone gets from going on holiday. Attitudes/comments like this one make me feel sick, we are already marginalized by society. We live in the C21st and attitudes like yours should have changed by now. You neither know whats going to happen in the future. You never know what is around the corner. I THEREFORE PLED WITH FELLOW CRUISERS, TO REMEMBER WE ARE HUMAN, AND ARE THE SAME AS YOU OTHER THAN NEEDING A BIT MORE ASSISTANCE and have less choice of accessible cabins.

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  • Nickerson, North Street - Commented on this review

    We were on the same cruise and reported in our review the inside of reception to assist in any matter. Very poor reflection for p and o.

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  • LeRoy, Portsmouth - Commented on this review

    I'm so sorry to read the problems you had when you chose to report your two things you thought weren't right .Having served at sea for 10 years and having completed 18 cruises ,should the type of things you complain about don't get sorted DON'T GIVE UP .In the case of the rude waiter find a RESTAURANT MANAGER OR SENIOR STAFF MEMBER .Regarding the smoking in the toilet don't let them brush you off .Asked to see the SENIOR MANAGER ON DUTY,AND IF THEY STILL DONT HELP TELL THEM YOU WANT TO SEE THE OR SPEAK TO THE OFFICER OF THE WATCH.!!

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