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December, 2021
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Not sure if brave or stupid to have cruised so soon after recent events of covid but having had our cruise cancelled last year we decided to go.The stress of all the paperwork and tests beforehand and before flying home and after arriving home was awful.filling the PLF was horrendous and lots of peole found it difficult but staff on Azura did help in the end.
The ship and cruise itself was ok and kept very clean being sanitised all the time, it was nice to be back.It was Azura first sailing after covid and there was only 900 people on board which was a shame but seemed a safer option than it being full.The buffet was better cos they served you and hopefully they will keep this up even after covid has gone.The staff in the buffet was always cheerful and helpful.The bands pulse and steel were very good and its a shame not many were on top deck in the evening to watch them.The headliners also good although I have seen the same show loads of times on other P&O ships.I booked all the tours through p&o because I did read that independant tours wasnt allowed and to stick to a ships bubble but then found out that some people we got talking to was just geting off and doing there own thing if port allowed.
the trips themseves was ok,some better than others the st kitts tour was spoilt by seeing a poor turtle being dragged out of the sea by a local and two more tied up on their backs on a truck on our way to view the island,Bonaire tour was cut short because of the rain ,they should have postponed it until afternoon.The Auba tour to palm island was lovely though so was a ride to a waterfall in Dominuque even though we couldnt go no further than the christmas marketsTortola tour was nice as well with luch included.The cat caribe and turtle tour in Barbados was my favourite it included snorklelling,lunch and a sail to another beach for a swim and our last morning was a 3 hour tour to a beach on Christmas day,it was just a dream of mine to spend christmas day on a beach in Barbados even if just for a few hours.
All in all I am glad I went but I missed the sailaways but I heard they was being stopped anyway also they also said the couldnt do a pennisular cocktail evening for guests only a luncheon party for guests over a certain tier which is like a  discrimination nothing to do with covid more like how much people have spent.We only have ever cruise with p&o but am now looking to see what other cruise lines  is out there or  just  do hotels in the future.I hope things do improve for the future  ,
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