My first cruise spoiled in Murphy's Bar Santorini

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NCL Cruises
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Norwegian Star

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July 2018

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Food quality was good though not excellent
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Washy washy at restaurant entrance, very entertaining.
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My first cruise which started from Venice to Kotor, Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Dubrovnik. The cruise into the bay of Kotor was stunning only dampened by the grey clouds and the slight drizzle which only lasted half an hour, by the time we were tendered to land the sun reappeared and an enjoyable walk around the walled city was had. Waking up in Corfu early the next morning was stunning as we watched the local Greek ferries off load vehicles at the side of the port, so simply. A half hour walk into Corfu worked off the big breakfast. All was going great until our next stop in Santorini we called into Murphys Irish bar in the afternoon. Looked grand from the outside, asked for 2 bottles of cider, I was given 2x 330ml bottles and was handing over 10 and he said it was 9 each, I couldn't believe it until he handed me a till receipt for 18, an American Cruise guy beside me said he paid 18 for 2 beers and thought it was expensive and he put it down to "Island prices". I told him the rest of the bars had alcohol advertised around 4-4.50 ea. Lesson learned on my behalf always ask how much before you order. A scandalous bar,it was cheaper drinking on the cruise ship. Avoid Murphys Santorini at all costs as per the rest of the reviews I read on Trip advisor, hindsight is a pain. From the 2 euro change I walked into a supermarket and got the identical bottles priced 93 cent each which tasted better or maybe I was in better form at that stage. Back to the ship and on with the rest of the holiday. Next stop Mykonos with a bus that took 5 mins from the port to the bus terminal, quaint little streets that were like a maze, very beautiful small churches mixed with bars and shops. Last stop Dubrovnik which was an hour walk to the walled city from the port, glad the weather was kind, very over developed for my liking, I prefer the smaller less developed ports. Back to Venice and the end of my first cruise a lot discovered and learned that will serve me well for my next cruise.
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