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NCL Cruises
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Norwegian Getaway

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November 2018
Went on this cruise as a group for my mum and her friend's 75th birthday. There was a party of 23 of us including under 16 year olds. This was my second cruise. Mum was a bit overwhelmed by the number of people during embarkation, and although boarding was staggered, our cabin wasn't ready and we were told to get lunch whilst waiting for it to be ready. Lunch was totally chaotic with hundreds of people trying to get to the buffet and also find seating. The ship itself is lovely. There were 3 of us in a balcony cabin which had 2 twin and a sofa bed. The sofa bed was comfortable and set out each night and put away again in the morning by our cabin crew Errol, who kept our cabin spotless and tidy for the entire trip. I have one complainant in relation to the outdoor space on the top deck, which is that for the size of the ship, there is nowhere near enough lounging space. We were never able to all get a lounger together, and had to double up or take it in turns. The food in the restaurants was generally good, the seated restaurants were especially nice and luxurious. There were many specialty restaurants which had very tasty sounding menus, but unfortunately I did not get to try them. One issue I had was that there was only one place to eat after 10pm which was a pub however the food there was terrible, everything was clearly frozen and the quality was very poor. On the plus side, there were many bars around the ship which were all very classy looking. The staff in general were very friendly and professional apart from one on reception. I was waiting to ask something and although she saw me standing there she chose to continue what she was doing and totally ignored me until I directly approached her. This was a rather bad reflection on the company I have to say. Regarding entertainment on the ship, there didn't seem to be very much to do in the evenings. There was some entertainment in the evenings, but once the shows were finished there wasn't really much going on except at the bars - but one can only drink so much alcohol! Breakfast at the buffet was plentiful with a great deal of choice and items were replenished quite quickly. However seating again was problematic at busy times. It may be an idea to stagger breakfast sittings which would instantly solve the seating issues. The destinations visited were good, this was billed as a Caribbean cruise which went around Mexico, Honduras and the Belize. This is where I felt cheated. The ship stopped at a man made port claiming to be the Belize, quite frankly it should be called NCL Island. If you wanted to actually go to mainland Belize you had to pay more to get a boat which would have taken a rather long time to actually get to Belize, so I do not feel that I can honestly say that I have been to Belize! Honduras was amazing! From the port we got a local open bus to a beach where we had the most amazingly fresh seafood in a restaurant on the beach. The same applies in Costa Mayer. Cozumel was also nice, we hired a private taxi to take us on a tour which was very good and informative. We did not actually do any of the NCL official tours as quite frankly they work out to be quite expensive. All in all this was a very good cruise, and I would definitely recommend NCL as a cruise company. However I had a major issue when retrieving mine and my mother's luggage on disembarkation. We both had hard shell cases, and when we got them all three had been badly damaged rendering them no longer useable. They looked like they had just been thrown from a great height onto the ground. They were cracked and the wheels were hanging off. This was extremely concerning as we had to travel from Miami to London and as the cases were so badly damaged we had to get them wrapped at the airport at our own expense to ensure the contents didn't spill out in transit. This was all the more upsetting as I bought my cases especially for the cruise and they have been damaged beyond repair. The ground staff were totally unsympathetic, and simply gave me a form to fill out. When I asked her if she was going to take photographs she simply said no and that the description of the damage was sufficient, she then said our best bet was to buy new cases to continue our journey and then invoice NCL! I received no follow up whatsoever from NCL about the form. I had a feeling that nothing would be done about the form so when I returned to the UK I emailed NCL directly and sent pictures of our damaged cases. Eventually I got a response basically saying that NCL are not responsible for damaged luggage, funny that, since NCL were the ones who took my money. After many emails they offered $100 per case - my set of cases cost me 512 - but yet they have still not paid this, some 5 months later. I needed to travel recently but had no case to do so and ended up borrowing one. Due to the luggage issues, I would be reluctant to travel with NCL again which is a shame as the cruise itself was very good. NCL cannot just absolve themselves of any responsibility for passengers luggage, and then offer a miserly sum claiming to be as a good will feature.
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