Ncl epic still great but costs too much

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NCL Cruises
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Norwegian Epic

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October 2018

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We have sailed on the EPIC over 17times since it first launched. It is a good ship but prices are becoming ridiculous to book . I don't mind paying for the speciality restaurants and drinks package but the cost of the cruise has doubled in the med . Entertainment is good and there's always something to do . Plenty of shows , dining and activities. The howl at the moon piano bar is just great fun . Cabins are unusual but to be honest I prefer them to normal square cabins , although if your not truly comfortable with your cabin partner or your a reserved or private person the bathroom layout could be a real problem . The ship is looking a little tired and old in places and the really good staff we knew have been moved to other ships although all staff work really hard. The food has slowly dropped to a lower standard in the buffets etc and we found ourselves paying extra for the other restaurants where before this wasn't necessary as the food was good and changed daily .... but not anymore. Don't book excursions with the ship but take time to research a little you could save a lot of money , taxis are usually waiting and plentiful in every port. I do love Ncl and became platinum members just sailing on the epic but to be honest the last two years prices have become incredibly expensive . What it used to cost us for 4 people all inclusive people in 2 balcony cabins now costs us for 2 people with no drinks in 1 inside cabin . There are other ships out there I think it's time to move on if ncl continues to fleece their customers and their drinks packages have become almost double in some cases to other cruise lines including royal Caribbean, carnival etc We have just booked with royal Caribbean round the med and saved more than 1000 it use to be the other way round . The epic seems to be overpriced for what you get which is a shame .
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