Fish soup without fish

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MSC Cruises
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MSC Splendida

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March 2019

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Both in the buffet and main dining room. Dreadful food.
As a family, we were looking for a cruise with some sun, early on in the year. We narrowed it down to the United Arab Emirates, which limited us to just two lines, Royal Caribbean and MSC. We'd sailed with RC before and find them OK, nothing special but fine. MSC was new to us, so we looked for the opinion of the trusted "Berltz Cruising and cruise ships". Food is very important to us, especially dinner. It's the high lite of our day and so we compared the MSC Slendida, with our favourite mud range cruise ships, the Celebrity Solstice class. Berltz said, food marks, Celebrity 267 and MSC Splendida 273. Well, it was a "no brainer", it's MSc for us. "God" only knows who wrote he reviews regarding the food. It certainly wasn't anyone with any taste. We knew that at lunch, there would be a profusion of pasta and pizza but didn't realise that they would be supported day in, day out, by hot dogs and burgers, accompanied by, invariably cold chips. Yes there was often a curry too but after my first mouthful of lamb gristle, with very little meat, I decided to pass on that. Nonetheless, we managed to cope at breakfast and lunch. Dinner was another "kettle of fish". The dinners were dreadful. My daughter had a tuna nicoise, that didn't have any tuna and my bouillabaisse was devoid of any fish. My son in law ordered prime rib of beef, only to be advised by our waiter, that it was probably different from what he was expecting - - -it was. His knife bounced off it. The waiter apologised, saying their supplier, in that area wasn't very good. My son in laws response was "change the supplier or take it off the menu" Other aspects of the ship were very good. The service was very attentive and we could always find seats in the bars and get served promptly. Boarding and disembarkation were both well organised. But Oh that food!!. Nothing could make up for those atrocious dinners. As soon as I got back, I revisited the "Berlitz Cruise guide" and yes I hadn't imagined it, it was still there, in black and white, Celebrity Soltice food 267 MSC Splendida 273. As the Americans would say " Go figure"
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