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MSC Cruises
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MSC Sinfonia

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February, 2019
56 - 65
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Food in the restaurant was good. Cafeterias were adequate but same every day
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Rome was reasonably good but the local hop-on, hop-off bus would have been better value
Mediterranean cruise with MSC wasn’t the best. 
Service was reasonably good but staff were constantly trying to sell the drinks package. At the price they were charging, we thought, ‘we’ll never drink that amount ‘. However, at €7 per coffee and €4 for tea, it would have been worthwhile. We could have had free coffee and tea from the urns at breakfast time but it was awful and these were shut off for the rest of the day, even at meal times. The drinks package would have been cheaper even at €560 each! ...... we drink a lot of tea and coffee...... 

This was our first time in an outside cabin, we’ve always taken a balcony before but the cabin was tiny!  No room to store our suitcases and we had to walk sideways to get up either side of the bed. The shower room/ toilet was even worse, the one in our motor home is bigger! The cabin steward kept it spic and span but some days not until 3 or 4 o’clock. The ‘partially restricted view’ was totally restricted by a lifeboat. 

My husband took ill 4days from the end of the cruise, we had booked an excursion that day and we were told it would only be refunded on production of a certificate from the medical centre. We trekked back down and obtained one and they refunded his ticket but not mine. I was told ‘there’s nothing wrong with you, you can go’!!!......and leave my sick husband alone? I don’t think so!

The ship had been extended by inserting an additional section in the centre and we were unable to access the medical centre, which was on our deck, from our side of the ship. We had to go up or down a deck, travel along the ship then go back to our deck to reach it from the other side. Not the easiest thing as my husband had been put in a wheelchair by the medical staff and we had to attend twice daily for his treatment. Nor were we allowed off the ship with the wheelchair so we missed 3 ports........ I’m not sure what they thought we were going to do with it???
Perhaps the illness clouded my view but we shan’t be sailing with MSC again. Fellow passengers were far more helpful than the crew. 
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