Lovely cruise, lovely ship.

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MSC Cruises
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MSC Magnifica

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June 2018

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Quality of Food:
Food was of a very good quality and there was plenty of variety.
Not very interesting, shame about the compares giving starts in FIVE languages every time!
Great staff
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Did not use much.
Lovely cabins, but not enough draw space
Beautiful ship the Magnifica, lovely food, very comfortable cabins, such a shame the service in the restaurant was not up to the same standards, the waiters are very confused about English tea! If you ask for milk with your tea you may get it in the tea pot as we did, I got fed up trying to explain that it shoul be in a separate jug to more than one of the waiters, so just went with coffee in the end. The cruise was end of June and very hot in the whole of the UK 30 degrees where we live, we docked in Lisbon and it was raining and cold, we did not warm up until we got to Malaga. Although the ship sailed from Southampton, and was sold as a British theamed cruise, all the entertainment was narrated in five languages before they started, was nearly asleep by the time they got going, not something we had on the many other cruises we had done. However we did enjoy ourselves around the ship and the bay of Biscay was like a mill pond, the calmest we have ever seen on our many cruises, we dont bother with the trips these days as we have done most of them before and the port towns have plenty to see locally. MSC cabin staff are very friendly and efficient, they always are very helpful nice. No long wait for our luggage to be delivered to our cabin, it got there before us (very unusual) on most ships. The food was very good lots of variety from day to day, thought there could be more room between the tables though as it could be a bit of a squeeze getting to and from them. I was surprised that there did not seem to be very strict attention by hand gel dispenser staff to guests going into the restaurant, as we are used to on other ships.
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